Where’s Your Trust? Know how you feel? Trust yourself?

July 27, 2020 – Where’s Your Trust?  Do you know how you feel?  Trust yourself?

Trust.  It’s the fabric of our relations with each other.  We share a common set of intrinsic values that guide our behaviors.  Laws, order, religions, social patterns, education, politics.  When you say you trust, you’re communicating a higher level of confidence than if you would have used other words, like say, “faith” or “hope”.    We develop shortcuts over time.  You do this and this happens.  Do that … then that happens.  Cause and effect.  Evidence points to habits governing behavior. Disruptions in norms expose flaws in the systems that ignore the fundamental truths of our human nature.  Knowing how YOU feel helps you see through the habits you’ve formed and get access to knowledge you can trust.

Do you know how you feel?  I’m not talking about knowing how your mother or father felt, OR someone dear to you,  OR what you feel you have to say to fit in,  OR what you heard someone else say that you feel compelled to repeat.  

I’m Mark Roach.  I’m continuing a series that I know is working, because people are directly reaching out to me as a result.

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