What’s the Risk? Do you conform? Following your Heart?

Would “they” hate you if they knew?  Are you vulnerable?  Do you have to be “American perfect”, popular?  Is everything either good or bad?  Are you aspiring or dealing?

What’s the risk if you do not conform?  What’s the alternative?  For a few hours one morning recently, I spoke to a semi-famous author and business man.  He’d come from the big city to a small town and built an empire and a large local following.  We were intrigued with each of our stories, the paths we’d taken in life.  Toward the end of our conversation, he remarked that I should be running a billion-dollar company, leading a large group of professionals, enjoying an affluent lifestyle.  I think he meant that as a compliment, but he certainly didn’t understand my intentions in life, I think I failed to communicate with him that morning.  I felt a little bad not conforming to the path this guy suggested.  But I’ve had to deal with some experiences and feelings, overcome some traumas and recover, that I doubt he had faced in life.  The risk of doing things my way, well was being alone or with a different group of people that might not be popular … in a lane blending expression and touching people.  I’m not really about being someone else, a song-and-dance entertainer, hard-core capitalist businessman or engineer.  But I do have an encouraging story to share and I’m seeing many of you do too.  I appreciate your support.

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I’m Mark Roach.  This is Business meets Texas Indy Film.

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