97 Grey Introduction – Ahr Zhe Winnie (97.01)


I call it the Grey Course. For one of the few things that was reassuring to me in my process with the voice is that the human design system was logical. So, I didn’t have to believe it. I could go check it out. I make a, I take a great deal of time and effort with my process to dissuade people from believing in me, not something that is particularly healthy. My work is concentrated almost exclusively on teaching people a logic system and nothing else. And I have ah, great difficulty with people who claim authority or demand that other human beings believe in them. That said, one of the things that I often forget in my process, this is 10 years now, is that I forget how bizarre and strange and curious at all was. And that a vast majority of the information that I was given had nothing to do with the human design system, it had to do with what I call Cosmic Fairy Tales. So, I’m going to take you through a kind of combination of things, I’m going to take you through some stories in my mystical process and I will illustrate the mystical way. Over the weekend, I will tell you with some of the stories that the Voice told me about the nature of the universe, and how all of this process functions. And on the last evening, on Monday night, I’ll show you what, according to the voice, the future looks, what the design looks like, what its world looks like. So, you’re welcome to the Grey Course, I have a tradition in this course, this is my blackest course. I get paid in cash and I get paid personally and you can deduct your discounts. This is my black return currency.

This illustration up here, this is a mystical highway, it’s also deeply mundane. Let us not forget that. The vast majority of people that carry so-called mystical activation in their designs never really get to experience the nature of true mysticism. That isn’t to say that mysticism does not touch their lives. It touches all of your touches your lives all the time. You see, I have a great difficulty with belief systems because I know that they lie. This is clear and obvious. And one of the greatest lies of all is that there’s actually a way. This is something that is simply not true. There is no such thing as a way. There is no pattern that anybody can establish for you that is going to take you from point A of ignorance and point B of awareness. It does not work that way. There is no formula. There is no magic potion. There is no mantra. There is no discipline. There is nothing that is going to provide you with any guarantee that any of that will ever happen in your life. The reality is that for most human beings, the mystical things that they experience almost every day of their life is quickly forgotten. This is called being asleep. This is the nature of what it is to be in the world. Lost in the embrace of the Maya and in that embrace of Maya, nothing is truly seen. So, what I’m going to take you through was a kind of story because it’s not necessarily your story, nor is it necessarily something that’s going to touch you. One of the ironies of my work and the irony of my life now is that I deal with scores of spiritual people, people who are mystically inclined, people who want to know. And what I discover most about among these people is a deep, deep sadness, a much deeper sadness than I find in the general population. The general population is deep in the Maia. There is no way out of that. Those human beings that have a glimpse of something that is different. They also have to deal with all of the stories and all of the myths and all the lies. And so they end up being very confused. They go from one source of wisdom to another. They go from one teacher to another. They go from one faith to another. They go through the night. They go through all kinds of processes. And in the end, they remain sad. Because in the end, what they want they cannot have on demand. Doesn’t matter whether they look. The true nature of what it is to be mystical is to recognize there’s nothing to do. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t happen. The one thing I know is you don’t have to be good to get there.

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Thanks Mark. So the Mystical Way, which is disappearing with the Genetic Change coming, while the source, gate 19, disconnects. A real trouble for all tribes by the way. Who still wants to contribute to participation, and who is involved with individualization, or just too busy to mean something groupwise.

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