Deep Knowledge Secrets of the 20th Gate – 1997 Grey Course – Ahr Zhe Winnie (97.02)

Secrets of the 20th Gate

[00:05:05] You look at this illustration, this illustration shows you the three mystical channels, the 20/10, the Channel of Awakening, the twenty-five fifty-one, the channel of initiation and the nineteen forty-five, the channel of synthesis and the bridge that joins them. The bridge is not mystical. This is the 40/37. This is the bridge way. When you’re looking at this, you’re looking at two worlds. You’re looking at a world that starts from the throat down and you’re looking at a world that starts from the adrenaline system, up. We start at the bottom. When we were doing the course on caring, and earlier we talked about the nature of the tribe and that the tribe on the splenic side is based on a hierarchical structure, the kind of structure that we find in corporate culture. Well, there’s a mystical culture. There’s the traditional mystical corporation. And that mystical corporation begins with the 19th hexagram, the 19th hexagram, like the 54th Hexagram, The Marring maiden. This is where you always start. You start at the bottom of the mystical ladder and you start with a need that lies within you, because this is the gate of need, needing to be wanted, needing to be needed, needing a place to fit in. And this 19 is the beginning of mystical longing. It’s the beginning of the possibilities of the mystical way, and it is the vast majority of humanity. And the stage that they are still in. That stage is the need, and the need is unresolved. When you get to the forty ninth gate in its mirror to the 32nd gate, we saw that the thirty second gate was the financial officer of a corporation. It was the one that in a sense could recognize whether or not the employee was of value. The money lenders still run the religious business. The 49th gate is the gate of the money lenders, what temple will they build? Will they build the temple to bow? Which temple and who will pay for the temple? The people need a temple. Someone has to build them the temple. The 49 builds the temple, but it’s in the wave. The temple that rises up in hope can be burnt to the ground when the wave comes down to pain. This is the beginning of the people and their spirit, and it is deeply mundane. It is a need and it’s a need that is manipulated by the emotional principals of the 49th gate. This is the vast majority of humanity. The vast majority of humanity. My God good. Your God bad. Then you get to the bridge and when you get to the bridge, the channel community, you get to the 32nd hexagram, the 32nd hexagram is the hexagram of family of friendship. We saw that when we were looking at the forty fourth gate in its corporate structure. We saw this with the personnel manager. The thirty seventh gate is looking for God. It’s always looking for God. It’s endlessly looking for God. It rarely finds it. It’s looking to be touched by God. It rarely gets it. What it ends up looking for is that it ends up looking for others to join it in its quest. This is the great missionary gate, looking for God, and looking for those that will support the church, to support the temple, to support whatever it may be. What they’re looking for is the 40. It’s one of the most amusing things in my work, is to see very clearly what the tribe is looking for. The tribe is driven to look for will power. So, we have a theology that is based on will and exists everywhere. This concept that it’s up to us. Because the 37 doesn’t have God. It can’t find God by itself, any more than you can find the throat by itself. It needs that ego, and it needs that willpower. Thy will be done. So, it looks to the forty. The forty says there is no God. I don’t believe that there’s a God. There can’t be a God. The 40’s usually find God, leave the 37’s behind. The tribe could never be led by one of its own. It’s not possible. No one tribal can lead the tribe. All things are led by the individual. The individual brings mutation. The individual brings what is new. And when you follow this line from the 19 going up to the forty you have the whole stream of sensitivity, that is all tribal. These are those that follow. They are not those that lead. They are those that follow. As an archetype, please understand that. When you come to the other side and you start from the throat down, you start what they’re looking for, what they need to find. They’re looking for the awakened one, they’re looking for the, the awakened one that will initiate them. This is their process. This is the whole process of the mystical way. The totality starts from the nineteen and the individual has to start from the 20. The heart of the individual process, the key in the individual process is the 20th Hexagram, the 20th hexagram is the only existential field that we have and by existential, understand that it’s not about the now, it’s about the present, but it keeps us basically rooted in the present. But what’s so important about the nature of the 20th gate is its voice. It’s a voice. [00:12:32][447.0]

[00:12:36] You see, there have been many wise people and there have been so many of them, they’re trying to understand the nature of what it means to be. The wisest of them, recognize that the only thing that they know for sure, the only thing they know for sure, is I am. And this is where everything starts. Everything starts with, I am. This is the beginning. This is the only place to begin. It’s in this 20th gate. It’s in this potential in what we call analytically the integration channels. It’s here lies the holiest of all processes. That is the ability for consciousness to incarnate into a single separated form. This is an incredible thing. And all of that is expressed in the 20th gate that says, I am. You see, there is no way to embrace the whole until first you recognize that you are separate. There is no place to go unless you recognize first that you are separate. I am. Everything about the mystical process begins with, I am. Begins with the 20th gate. Says here the channel of awakening the design of being in the now, and it is the 20th gate contemplation and the existential manifestation of way. It’s one of my jokes that I keep telling people that the 20/10 provides you with the only key you ever need to recognize and understand the nature of what it is to be awake. To be awake is simply to be able to say, I am myself now. I am myself now. And of course, the nature of that is very complex. We well know that the moment that you come to human design, you recognize right away that to myself, you always thought you were was somebody else and had nothing to do with you. So, it’s not simply a matter of being able to say I am myself. It’s a matter of recognizing what that self is, the nature of that self, and allowing the nature of that self to simply emerge spontaneously in the now. This is being awake. Every single one of you, every single human that has contact with Human Design has the opportunity to be awake. You don’t need to have channel. It isn’t about that. You get everything in your life, and it comes and goes, but you get everything, but the moment you recognize your essential nature and simply allow it to emerge spontaneously, you are awake. This is the nature of being awake. Woody was fat and sat under a tree. What to do, you know? The 10th gate treading. Here, it’s called the lead, the lead has a very complex meaning to the Chinese, it’s not as easily translated as way, which is what most occidental’s do. It has much more to do with the perfection of one’s nature, and the 10th gate is about the nature of being. The tenth gate has enormous importance in our lives. It is a gate that guides the world behavior. The reality is that it is only out of the 10th gate that any spiritual leader can actually emerge. Because the tenth gate itself is the protection of one’s nature. And by the way, the perfection of one’s nature is simply to allow it to come out. You know these things sound much more complex than they are. The love of the way the 10th gate is one of the gates of the vessel of love. The potential that lies in that is the love of self. And that love of self, that love of self, is the way, it is the lead. It is to accept and love one’s nature. So difficult for human beings. I know. I’ve been there. [00:16:57]

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Thank you Mark! What maybe should make it more a video, instead of just a useful audio, is perhaps for example to show the Bodygraph with the Mystical Way and/or other cooperative imaging in the background, so the eyes have their input too? And of course it’s a hard time to learn from the human experiential way, while it broke down at different points, leaving it to individual creativity! To be experienced of course! All best, looking out for more, yours, Jan van den Berg

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