97 Grey – Belief Un-Necessary. Neutrino Mass. Bhan. Tug (97.6)

[00:28:57] All the material of the universe was compressed into the tug. Everything that would expand outwards and create the physical body of it and within it is the whole nutrino matrix. We have a polarity here between the two of the bhan. Within the tug is the fundamental form principle that is the principle of matter and the principle that will connect the matter together. The communication between matter, the neutrino, both the hardware and software of our universe. And when you come to the other side, to bhan, the bhan and the prime magnetic monopole embedded in the prime design crystal, the bhan carried the other side of that. It carried the magnetic monopole to be able to ride the neutrino stream. You know, I describe in my public lectures as the arm of a streetcar, your magnetic monopole hooking up to the wire, you know, so that you can ride along your line. That’s what your monopole does, you know like those close lines where just hook in and you go flying along. That’s what your monopole does. It hooks into its line of geometry, that string and rides that string through your process. So when we come to the bhan, we come to the other side and come to the prime magnetic monopole. This is a great quote. This is Robert Browning, an English poet in the last century, and he had a dream one night, Madame Blavatsky and all of that crew, they labeled this the most mystical statement ever. I like it because of the way it sings. How A got the binocs to be. No. camel quote. Jews like G. Well anyway, the bhan, it’s a nice mystery I’m not going to explain it to you it’s better that way. [00:30:45][107.3]

[00:30:46] It is the bhan that brings the rave to their knees. It is the ignorant rave’s God. Consciousness, awareness, love, direction, the forms out of which it can all be experienced this is out of the bhan and the bhan is not yáng it is yin. Everything is, yin, except the light and the light’s an illusion, the tug builds the body, the bhan builds the brain, the rave builds the temple, the ark is empty. We have not reached the place yet. This. The tug represents the material principle and the bhan represents the consciousness to imbue that, that is to directed it, to give it its consciousness form. When the two of them come together, that is life itself coming together, the material principle and the capacity to imbue that principle, endow that principle with consciousness. But this is not yang. This is the essence of what it is to be yin. So, that the tug builds the body in the sense that it provides a material for the body, and the bhan builds the brain in the sense that it designs the nature of how our awareness is going to work. Our consciousness is going to work. But it is the rave, it is humans that build the temple. They build a temple in wonder. I’m against temples. Each of us has a temple. The rave builds the temple and the ark is empty. The ark will always be empty as long as we are human. This is one of the great jokes. It is the way it’s meant to be. And by the way, everybody says there’s a time for things. It’s not true, there’s a place, there’s not a time that you die, there’s a place where you die, if you happened in your lifetime to step on that place before you die, you’ll get the feeling, there’s a place for everything, we are moving in space. Everything has always been since the very beginning. Is not about time. It’s about place. We have a door that can come in and go out everybody has a place that they reach. This is the nature of our, of our existence. This is the essence of evolution, it’s simply a movement. So, place is everything. We are going towards a place, we are moving towards it, not towards a time. Towards a place. Towards vacant, actually. [00:33:31][164.5]

[00:34:02] I’ve had some very funny experiences associated with the mystical knowledge that I was given by the voice and my training as a scientist. Neutrinos really are the most obvious and the most extraordinary, of course, neutrinos did not have the mass when the voice told me that Neutrino’s had mass. At least theoretically they did not have mass and nobody had proved had mass. And it seemed like an obvious funny thing for the voice to tell me that neutrinos have mass. And that everything about Human Design was based on neutrinos having mass. It took eight years for the scientific community to catch up to the voice. What was interesting was that within a week of my experience with the voice, they started experiments in Los Alamos to determine whether the neutrinos and mass, and it took them eight years until they finally figured it out. One of the more extraordinary things the voice told me was about stars and it told me about stars that are older in than the universe. And this past year, using the Hubble orbiting photography astronomical satellite, that they have up there in space, they have discovered stars now that are older than any reliable parameter for the nature of the universe and it is disturbing cosmologists who make you look very nervous. According to the voice, let me tell you about the stars. Some are older than the beginning. Think about that. Where did the bhan go? I mean, the tug was always inside. So you know, if you’ve got it inside, there’s something inside. And there was someplace to go. All those things are relative by the way. After all I, the design crystal that rides in my solar system that led to the fertilization that produced my children. I don’t imagine that it knew it was in my solar plexus system. Nonetheless my solar plex was there. Let me tell you about the stars. The tug of the bhan did not meet in a vacuum. They met on the inside and the inside was already there. These are the stars of the wall. One day far away when they begin to die. They will be the enemy. Until then, they are the child’s greatest allies. There is a star in the rave sky wroth honoring it’s name is Archturis. These stars of Wall, they will be part of a triggering mechanism that will lead to birth. Until that point, they protect the flow of whatever essential energy is operating between the fetus and whatever it belongs to. So they are fundamental agents that exist within us. And one day they will begin to die and then they begin to die it will be time for what in our language we could call birth, not that we have any idea whtat that could possibly be. Mentioning the people of the penalties for. [00:37:45][222.8]

[00:37:46] The crystals of consciousness moved from the beginning. One of the more interesting stories that I was told was this whole process of the movement of the crystals of consciousness as they move through the universe and where they were at different stages, beginning with what will eventually become known within our consciousness as Arcturus. At the moment of the shattering in the beginning, that shattering, in that shattering, all the material is moving, all the material that’s moving, the bundle, this is the bundle, all the shattered material penetrated to the core of the star of the wall and the cracking ripped apart star. The prime magnetic monopole was this dis-embedded from the prime design crystal and the crystal itself shattered. Now we’re talking about the bhan crystal. This is the birth of rave personality crystals. Imagine this is the bhan within the bhan you have this prime magnetic monopole. It is dis-embeds in this contact with the star and all of the energy involved in all of that. At the same time, the bhan itself breaks up. The bhan breaks up into tug things. The core of the bhan. Everything around the center cystal of the bhan. This core of the bhan is going to become what we call personality crystals. What we call personality crystals. The rest of it, the crystal body, these will be what we call our design crystals, so our personality crystals and our design crystals they come out of the bhan. This is the great yin, this is the great yin manifested as a binary in our process. The, this is the birth of the rave personality crystals, the monopole was hurdled away from the mass caught in its cosmic spin. When the dervish dances is this is a celebration of love which initiated consciousness. We will talk about that. We will talk about the nature of love, because, of course, this is where the monopoles sits. This is how the monopole connects us to the totality, of connects us to totality through love. [00:39:56][130.3]

[00:40:05] It says, the fragments of the core all began to manifest their individual aspects within Arcturis. At impact with the star of the wall the prime design crystal was shattered and the prime magnetic monopole was dis-embeded and sent by incredible energy release into a spin. The prime magnetic monopole before this event could best be described as a cluster. It was a cluster and the power of the monopole is to attract. At this stage all of its aspects monopoles in harmony with the single prime design crystal were as one, but when the design crystal shattered and the harmony is broken the law of the monopole is to hold onto everything. The shattering destabilized the monopole cluster. The spin was more powerful than the prime magnetic monopole’s capacity to keep the cluster together and every fragment of the shattered design crystal was seeded with a monopole aspect from the cluster. [00:41:02][57.2]

[00:41:04] So basically what you have is that in the beginning you have prime forces, eh? You have a prime crystal, you have a prime monopole, prime monopole is made up of a cluster of infinite number of monopoles, infinite number of them. And in the moment of all this shattering, this monopole in its spin started to throw off these monopoles and every single one of these monopoles would find a design crystal to embedded. In other words, for every shattered aspect, there was a monopole to touch it. Now understand how important that is, because the the monopole is what holds everything together in its illusion of its separateness. It’s holding the universe together. And every aspect of everything, every crystal that exists in the universe, every crystal of consciousness, every design crystal has this magnetic monopole within it, not only to keep it in its specific geometry, but to interconnected it with everything else. That monopole that holds us together is also pulling everything, everything, everything towards us. Everything. Every cell in our body has a monopole that holds in its place. These, this is what it’s all about, how to keep everything in its cosmic order together. So in this shattering, what literally happened is that the primary simply broke up into incredible aspects, okay, trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and endless numbers of aspects. Each of them, in a sense, a mirror of the original, each of them seeded with their magnetic monopole. [00:42:44][100.1]

[00:42:49] By the way, if you don’t believe any of this, it doesn’t matter, eh? It’s very important to understand that, ey? It does not matter. There was a little boy who was listening to his father tell the story, and at some point he stopped his father and he said, this is this true? And his mother leaned over and smacked him, said don’t interupt your father when he’s telling a story. One doesn’t have to believe the father when he’s telling a story. One doesn’t have to believe in things eh? Just enjoy the faity tale. [00:43:17][27.9]

[00:43:43] You know, I know where to put it sweetie. [00:43:45][2.5] [540.7]

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