97 Grey – Centers & Fractals (97.7)

[00:43:45] There are, in the beginning, there was tug, there was these tug forces. There’s the bhan and the tug. And at the core of them, at the core of each of them are what’s called Centers. There are two centers. They’re both now on Earth, the tug center of manifesting the body of the universe. They usually refer to that as the Antichrist and the bhan center manifesting the universal mind. You could refer to that as the Christ, if you like if you like those kinds of cliches. But nonetheless, these are the two centers and the centers literally exist and they incarnate. the tug center dwells near the core of the earth and has been there for 2.4 billion years. During the present global round, which began in 16,101 B.C., the tug center has be reborn 62 times. The bhan center dwells in the heart of stars at the source of string. In this round would not in its place at the heart of the sun, it is incarnated eight times. The business of centers, a center is not the middle. Think about it this way. Let’s say that I have in my hand the bhan cyrstal and I shattered it, you know I drop it and I shatter it. That that bhan crystal, if I put a beam of light through it, it would have projected a pattern on the wall. And that pattern would have given me that impression of that crystal. So I shattered this crystal and I shattered into trillions and endless infinite number of aspects. If I go through the process of taking every single one of those aspects, every one of them and I take the same beam of light and I throw it through those aspects, I’m going to find one aspect that’s going to manifest in microcosm, exactly the same pattern as the totality did. This is called the center. In other words, it doesn’t have to be in the middle, doesn’t have to be at the core. It is simply the one aspect that will manifest in microcosm, exactly the same thing as the totality. These are the nature of the centers, the bhan center and the tug center. Our whole evolutionary process is rooted to the center. [00:46:12][146.7]

[00:46:19] The setting says the center and the 88 Alphas. The center, the camel, the dog, the Four Corners, the 16 faces, the 66 signs. If you want to know all the names of the gods, here they are, they all represent just about every deity that humanity has ever worshiped in any given form. And I assume there’ll be a time when there will be people who will be able to simply coordinate that and be able to reference each of these points. But this is the mechanism that lies underneath the center of the 88 alphas. By the way, there are no longer 88 alphas, there only 64. we live in a 64 matrix and 24 of them disappeared a long time ago, um, before life actually emerged on this planet, but this was the original configuration. The original configuration was 88 of them. [00:47:21][62.0]

[00:47:29] Everything’s about hierarchy’s, everything. There’s always been a heirachy. It’s existed from the beginning. Try to imagine what Crystal Hierarchy is all about because Crystal hierarchy is simply about position. Imagine what that’s like. If you take a look at this, this is a two-dimensional drawing, so it’s very hard to see it as a two-dimensional drawing. Imagine that you have the center. And imagine you can, if you’re looking at the center when it, when the crystal itself shatters, whole crystal shatters, imagine you could take a slow motion movie and put it back together again. OK, so you could see the actual shattering process. And if you could see the actual shattering process, what you would have is that you would have the center crystal and you would see that around that center crystal, there are crystals that are breaking off from it, that are closest to the center. And then there’ll be another crystal aspect that’s breaking up when the next one next and the next one, next one it’s what we call fractal lines. You have fractal lines coming out of the center. So think about what that’s like. If you have a fractal line going out of the center, for example, you can have any one of these aspects, the aspects, for example, that are called signs, means they are familiar. We would call them archetypes. For every one of those you go down that crystal line and you’re going to meet people who have always been in line with each other, forever. Forever. Anybody that’s close to me in my life, anybody that have contact with me and my life is either in the fractal line of one of my crystals or was actually against it, in that sense. We’re all like that. This is the deepest hierarchy that we have. This is where our whole confusion about how karma works comes from. We are all in fractal positions. We’re all in relative fractal positions, and that we have a chain that goes the chain can go in any number of ways in which we relate to others. So here what you have is that, here’s the, here’s the whole crystal inself, you come down to the the center of the center. And what was shrouding the center, shrouding it like like a walnut, the nut inside is is the center, and then you have the two aspects of the shell. OK, those two aspects of the shell. This is the dog and this is the camel. And then you have the four that comes. The four corners. And the Four Corners shroud that. OK, so it’s like one of these Russian dolls, you know, you keep on taking off the head and you keep out of the head and keep on taking it off. And this is our deepest relationship to each other. Our crystals have a relationship to each other. This is the nature of. They were close to each other. They were near each other in the shattering. And they will always move relative to each other in the same places in space. And the work that I do, and the mythology that I live, it is clear to me that everyone I meet, I have met before, not simply as a cliche, but simply as a reality. This is the nature of this crystal movement and position. Place and position mean everything in life. Everything. It’s all about the original positioning and the ones that were closest. These were the ones that manifested that of the core, the variations, the themes of the Godhead. It was the nature if it. so that out of that single aspect, which could refract the true nature of the original totality, out of that each aspect kept on dividing it up into further and further and further variations. In the beginning, we started with this matrix of eighty eight. We’re in a matrix now of sixty four. As you will see by the time we get to Monday, that will change again and a matrix will change again. [00:51:31][242.6]

[00:51:49] The center sits in, in the heart of the sun and filters the stream and source, the neutrinos stream, every star in the universe produces neutrinos. the Thing to understand about the nature of the crystals is that in the beginning, the crystals were all together, they were all together and everything had its perfect place. And then the shattering took plance and the moment of the shattering took place the release of the monopoles their whole process was at some point was to try to bring all those pieces back together again, like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. the thing is that it doesn’t quite work that way because you can’t put the pieces back together again the way that we’re beginning. The first thing to recognize about that is that crystals get annihilated. That is the deepest fears are spirituality about damnation, hell, punishment, these kinds of things. The reality is that according to what I was told by the voice, there are crystals that get annihilated. There were crystals. That’s part of these core crystals that were part of these archetypes, six sides in which is there’s only 42 of them now. These were annihilated at various points in what are called changes. We have already gone through three major changes in our development since the initiation of this process. The reality is that at some point to talk about this, it will be our process to try to fit all these pieces back together again, because that’s the nature of it. This is the prana. The prana is that as you move outwards from the shattering, you go through deep maturing process, the cosmic learning process of emerging as a true form, and that you get to some point in which all of that can be organized properly and brought back into its places. In that sense, our crystals fit with each other. You know, it’s one of those things about human beings that they never quite grasp because they have a great deal of difficulty in letting go of their maia related vision. I mean imagine, if you will, that I suspend the camera where that light is, and I take away the ceiling and I just allow that camera to keep on rising up and keep on taking pictures. At some point, all of us stop being separate, we become one. I mean we become one. That is not a trick. That’s a matter of perspective. In reality, we are one. We just have our funny illusion about all this. But the fact is we keep on going up with that. Not only are we no longer separate, but everything on this planet gets merged into this beautiful photograph in 1969, the earth from space this incredible. There was no, there was nothing. There was just this marble, this lovely blue and white greenish marble. And there were no people, buildings, or animals. None of those things existed. We will come to the point where we will recognize our intrinsic connectedness to each other. human design is a very, very primitive way, beginning this process. That is it’s primitive in terms of what we are actually capable of. But the nature of understanding the mechanic has to come first to see clearly that truly interconnected but underneath the graphic that is our crystals and their relationship and of course, our crystals change in time, they change in time. They are being constantly penetrated by the neutrino change stream and they are changed by that. There is a process that they go through. Who I once could fit against I can no longer fit against. There are many things that have changed over the billions of years of these crystals moving in space. There’s something very important in all of that. It has to do with what I call individual emancipation, or personal integrity. One of the most insulting things that has been said to me, spiritual service work, and somebody coming up to me saying, oh, you’re an old soul. They usually say that the kind of old soul and I always remind them so is the plant, we all started together, nobody started later. We all started together, consciousness started together. And something so important to understand, the crystals that are endowed with you that that manifestor consciousness, these crystals have been in the universe for billions and billions, billions and billions of years. You know, we are a consciousness field. This is just what we’re here to play with, these are our cosmic toys for our consciousness. We are part of the cosmic field. It’s not to be forgotten. And it is the crystals that operate the consciousness. You know, we are vehicles, crystals. And the vehicles always change. They change from one life to the next, and they will change when the real change comes. They have to change form up to the next. We have lived in many forms. We’ve gone through many forms. We’ve gone through many, many processes. We’ve gone through billions of years of silence and movement. We’re ancient things, ancient, ancient, ancient things. What’s important for us to recognize is to let go of the vanity of the importance of a lifetime. Doesn’t mean anything, to the totality. It’s not important, what is important is that we come as close as we can to the acceptance of our nature. This is of value to the totality. [00:58:15][386.6]

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