97 Grey Course – Sesion 5 – Grandma, Barley & the Cosmos (97.05)

[00:00:02] Speaker 1: Well. Yeah, this whole about half a year later, Bahle go wild, he was wild anyway, someplace where it’s pretty safe for him. He found a female and they had pups and he hunted. I went to see him about a year later. I went up to the hills where I let them go and I called him. About a half hour later, he showed up. He looked at me and he said I went away as last time I ever saw him. He was quite a creature. I tell you stories about mythology now. Nice picture. When I’m on the first night, the story I will share with you, the mythology that I will share with you is an edited version of the story that I just told for the very first night. I suppose it was something this saved me from the shock that I was in, in that moment of standing in the doorway and having contact with the voice and going through the whole physical process you come out of. That is the moment that this this energy field was around me and something strange happened, because in that moment, the voice was gone. That is the energy field that I was associated with. The phenomenon was suddenly gone. And I did what appeared to be a very strange things I can remember leaning, bending over and pulling my dog barley through all my water. And it was really quite amazing how much water was on the ground and how much water we have in our bodies. And I drank barley through the water and I pushed him underneath my desk and I put up put a pot on the stove and heated up some water. Why? I don’t know, because I never had anything to do with it. Nonetheless, I did that. I remember being very uncomfortable getting on my platform because this kerosene lantern above my head was still turning. And I didn’t want to touch at it, obviously, because I wasn’t going to touch it anyway. But nonetheless, there was all these things that was going on inside of me. I got on the platform because I was in a great deal of pain and I was very uncomfortable. And, you know, in that moment when the energy was gone, no matter how bizarre the situation was, my dog and all the stuff in the water there is this part of me that said go to sleep, you know, maybe just a bad dream. And I lay down on the platform. And when I lay down on the platform, the first thing that happened when I got there was this terrible fright. And one of these things there was a spinal shock waves, people call it actually the hairs standing up on end because I wasn’t touching them. I couldn’t feel the bed, the platform. I had all these this numbness in my body. So though I was laying down there, it didn’t seem to be anything underneath me, which was a very bizarre feeling and very frightening because I thought I was becoming paralyzed. And something, you know, my first thought was that I was having a brain aneurysm. I mean, you know, one of the remarkable things about my own process is that no matter what’s going on in the bazaar around me, I learn this from drugs. You know, there’s always this very rational being inside saying, well, this is interesting. You know, your body’s like maybe this is a brain aneurysm, maybe it won’t be cut off. But all these things and it’s probably why you heard this weird voice and all of these things that were there. So they weren’t being articulated. They were there inside of me. At the moment that I had this frid on the platform, the voice came back and it said to me, I’m going to tell you this story. Everything that came out of this vibration was frightening to me. So if you like the statement, are you ready to work? Which is not a question. It was really a threat. You know, it felt like a threat. It was like, can you actually do this and will you do this? Because you’re going to you know, it was really in my own writings about my experience because I documented all these things. I described it as a grandma trying to soothe her baby because it’s very much what I was like. And in that moment of recontact, everything that I had ever understood no longer meant anything to me. All of that had been shattered. I was. Couldn’t experience I didn’t experience my humiliation until it was all over, the most difficult thing for me was to have survived because I had to deal with myself the next day and it was all done. And that’s the deepest, darkest hole I’ve ever been in. But in that moment when the voice started to talk, the pain went away. It was this incredible thing, what terrified me was that there because it was real, I mean, it was real in the sense that it was I was so far beyond anything that I could imagine. And it started to tell me stories. What fascinates me the most about the voice was that I could I could find a place inside of me that could possibly be a source for all that stuff, like being told how to construct this body graph and the wheel and all these things. None of that was part of my my knowledge. So what I showed you today is the story of the voice that he told me. And it’s a story of the bond and two. Human design is not dogma. There’s nothing about human design that is the nature of the knowledge that was given to me is not dogmatic. That is like everything associated with this knowledge. It’s about the structure of things. It’s about the mechanics of what I call cosmic mechanics. It’s just the mechanics of it. It doesn’t replace anybody’s God or gods. It doesn’t replace anybody’s faith or ideology. It isn’t intended to do so. What it does, though, is that it gives an underlying mechanic for how all these things have been interpreted, like my experience with interpreting the design bundle that could have been interpreted in many different ways, depending on the consciousness that received the energy. You know, if the forces touched a little girl and self-esteem, she normally sees the Virgin Mary, the same force that touches the young man in California. He usually has contact with some space. Yet it all is a matter of how we within our own capacity can translate frequency. The names I will give you, the descriptions that I will give you have carried many, many, many different kinds of clothing. Please understand that in the clothing lines, the dog, because it’s in the clothing that establishes what that’s supposed to be, the moralities of this. And this is the mechanics. This is an amoral, if you will, a mythology. I went from being a well, I couldn’t have even said that I was either an atheist or an agnostic because they both suggest that there is some kind of tension between this and that. I certainly didn’t have any connection to any of that in the nature of design. And because of my experience and through the knowledge that’s come for me, I recognize that we live in the creationist universe. That is, the universe was created. This begins with the beginning. Before the start. There was two. As a physicist, I was conditioned by Einstein’s theory, we sense that the universe began at the point of singularity, and before that point there could be nothing. Even Einstein had trouble with that. His famous comment about God doesn’t throw dice because he couldn’t go back any further. But that’s one of the beautiful things about the mystical way, is that there are no such barriers. So in the beginning, before the start, there was told they have names, everything is a name, everything as a name. And I have a picture here. It’s one of my favorite pictures I found in the back of a magazine in Madrid. And it’s a picture of all the letters of the alphabet and all these numbers. The only thing is that these things are on the wings of butterflies. And a Norwegian photographer took them 30 years. The Book of Letters A, you know, the letters were there before us. You know, all the words were there before us, all the names were there before us, because we’re only speaking in terms of a formula and frequencies, they’ve all been there, human vanity to assume that they’re our words, they’re not our words. They have always been there. These things have always been there. So everything has a name. One is called born. One is called the tug. By the way, my experience with the voice when it comes to the names is still something that’s very difficult for me to explain, because something I saw them and sometimes I heard them. The word rape, for example, is a word that I did not hear. It’s a word I saw. So I have no idea actually how it would have this would be pronounced. I don’t even know what that would possibly be, quite frankly, other than what I do with it, which is just the natural way I speak it. Born and Hoog are things I saw. Again, I don’t know whether or not my pronunciation is correct, but the actual physical shape, the way the formula for the writing is what I mean. So one is called the bond and one is called the two. There are only the only link to what I cannot cannot be known. They are unknowable. The rest, everything, the rest is the rest is out of them in the beginning, according to the Voice, there was a fertilization. We look at all this and that fertilization generator, what the voice called the child and the child is the universe. That is what we call absolutely everything that has to do with this totality. All of it is part of one living entity and one living. It is not born yet. That is the universe in our language is something that we could refer to as a fetus. And it is a fetus in the language of human design that has not received its personality. When the personality comes, the change will come. When the change comes, we will no longer have these forms. We will go into another process. So we are in the stages within the fetal development in which we are very close to the point at which the personality will come from the outside of the universe and will come in. This is about the beginning and how beginning goes and then beginning. There are only two things, only these two things. That is the beginning of what we call beings. And out of them, out of these two come everything else, all of the crystals of our consciousness that are part of our solar system, most of which are associated with this planet. If you collected all the crystals of consciousness, please understand, there’s a lot of them. You have one in every cell of your body, everything every plant, every insect, every flower, everything. If you take all these crystals of consciousness, if you add them all up, this is the design crystal and the totality. This is the design crystal of the totality. According to the voice, we are all the ajna the center of the developing fetus. This is the nature of what we’re here for it to discover the nature of the mechanics of the form human beings, each other on the evolutionary scale of the most extraordinary thing that is. That we compare. This is the nature of our consciousness, everything is about comparison. We measure this and that. How big is the universe? How heavy is a planet? How far away is a star? How how complicated is our genetic code going in directions to measure and discover the nature of our body? Because the universe is our body. It is our whole body, and we are the consciousness of that body, if you will. We are the unconscious of the totality, the Navajo Indians in America, they have a place in the sky that they say is the umbilical cord to the mother. This is something this official people claim to know where the cosmic head center is. That would be interesting because that is a place that’s going to have a lot of action. Which would center head center where the personality crystal will come. These two illustrations, you know, these are my graphic illustrations. Nothing more, nothing less, simply in the images that some feel for them. And everything that I talk about in relationship to crystals. Please understand the voice that told me they’re not crystals, so not of crystals in the sense that we understand the nature of crystal like this thing outside your name, Crystal, in the way they refract more than anything else, because that helps us to understand their nature. It says the bond came from the outside and the two guys always been inside. Think about how that works. When we have a human conception that’s going to take place, you have a design crystal and it’s magnetic monopole that’s going to come from the outside, it’s going to come from the outside, and it’s going to going into the mother and it’s going to connect with the egg. So the bond came from the outside and the tube has always been inside. Everything has always been inside. The outside of the universe is still inside. There are the ones. Possess as tug a grave, a human has a personality, crystal and a designed crystal. They’re the same, they’re the same. The born on the outside as a designed crystal. What’s come in from the outside to fertilize the barn on the outside is the design crystal. The two is an egg. But that egg, because it is form the egg, is made up of what we call design crystals. The personality crystal of the child does not enter the body. Design crystals are binary in nature. In a rave, there’s a prime design crystal in the ajna center and untold billions of design crystals in every cell. The tube is cellular, the body’s prime. So think about that. There is no such thing as a personality, Crystal, in the real sense of the word, none in terms of what you do analytically, because in that sense, the personality Crystal is performing that kind of a function. But it’s not a personality, Crystal. The personality crystal is not come. That’s why the light is full of promise. It’s why the darkness is so feared, because everything that we know of this universe, everything is hidden, everything is in. There is no true yáng. It has not come yet. And we keep on getting these promises that it’s going to come. You know, they met in the geometry, they shattered. I saw the bio, by the way. I saw the bio, which the voice did for me, lasted about two hours. It was one of the most incredible pieces of poetry I’ve ever heard. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing. I remember little of it. And whatever I remember it, I recorded I wrote down because that was quite a thing. It was like I it was like listening to a cosmic homer give a you know, you give an epic the tug and it’s a.. Neutrino core with the string and the clay. The builders way. The sum of Io, one of the moons of Jupiter. The two is the builder of the body of the child. And they’re talking about the universe, the Toogood’s, the builder, the body of the child. The program formula was compressed dormant at the core belief before the start that on impact, the race began first, the light piercing the darkness, then the string close hind laying out the lines. The string is the neutrinos. The neutrinos string light travels faster than neutrinos. Just it’s this wonderful image. If you can see this, if you can imagine a point of light in the darkness and you could watch that point of light rays out into the vast void of darkness. And behind it is neutrinos string bringing this incredible carpentry, this incredible fractal matrix that everything will eventually be structured. So first, the light piercing the darkness and then the string close by. [00:00:02][0.0]

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