97 Grey – Planetary Drivers (97.8)

Mercury Dogs and Camels

[00:58:15] A wonderful of writer in the 50s and 60s, who studied with Ouspensky, his name was Rodney Collin, very bright man, and he wrote wonderful book on the on the nature of perspective. And he talked about, for example, that based on the age of the earth, a half breadth of the earth is equal to one average human life. A half breath of the earth. This is a field of consciousness. He was brighter than Ouspensky. He had this wonderful comment on if it’s a sunny day and there’s a whole army of ants walking along the path and you’re coming for a walk through the park and you cross this pathway, step over the ants and you don’t stop. You just stepping over them on your way to keep on walking. And in that moment that you step over them, you cast a shadow because the sun blocked out. And the shadow that you cast over the ants, that you cast it over, it’s three months and their life. Just perspective. The beauty of perspective. We get so locked into our little vain perspective about what it is to be human. Must be cold for them for three months. You have to understand how bizarre a situation that was for me. Because, of course, none of these things where it was terminology or stories that were at all familiar to me. And then I was given all of this stuff, but, uh, yeah, that was very strange experience. The dog and the camel for me are the most fascinating. The terms, by the way, these were spoken to me, these names. So, there is something to them. But then again, one doesn’t know. They’re just simply what was given to me as part of the, the mythology. The center, the center sits at the heart of the sun, so our sun, our sun is a neutrino instrument. Our sun produces 70 percent of the neutrino’s we receive. So, at the core of the sun, at the heart of the sun, this is where the center sits. Other than when it incarnates. Its incarnated eight times in this round of civilization. It is presently not there. The center sits in the heart of the Sun and filters the stream, the neutrino stream, absorbs, building, maintaining and reforming the sun solar body to the solar system. [01:02:04][228.5]

[01:02:05] So this is how we feel. This whole retreat of information is coming out of the sun and it’s coming out of the core. Out in the center’s center is filtering in. So, you can imagine the neutrinos, the stream having to go through this filter as has go through this filter and the filter of the center just spreads it out fractally and goes out informs the cell body. The camel and the dog also dwell within the rave sun. They each incarnate once around. Around being over 19,000 years. Never in the form of raves, never. So, they’ve never come into human form, they’ve never reincarnated as human beings. The dog manifests and maintains the body and life of the sun itself. It is that generates the string. Neutrino dog’s breath, which I like very much. Perverse touch to it. The dog, the dog generates what we call the neutrino stream. Now, how does that. I have no idea. Nonetheless, that’s its function. And one of the extraordinary things about it is that the dog incarnates, now it incarnates and very low lifeforms. Sometimes it can be anything from a virus to a, well, to a dog or a cat, for example. But it normally incarnates in lifeforms that don’t live very long. Because the moment that it goes away from the sun, you have a destabilizing period in the neutrino level of the sun. And this is something that is something that we will have experience with. So, the dog has a very special job. In English, of course, dog is a lovely word because if you spell it backwards, it says God, which is fundamental, the nature of the dog is that it is the dog that generates the string. So, the dog is really the core of the sun and it is the center, it is the center that takes this neutrino information that’s been generated by dog, and it takes this information, and it reflects its information, about when, when I say dog, just another aspect of crystal. After all, this is one of the shrouding crystals around the center. The camel also filters the string, and the camel is very unusual and after our break we will see because we’ve had a lot of people who are alive today who have had very unusual processing in their life. The center and the dog can be stationary, and they usually are, but the camel never stops moving, never. It’s rotation within the sun is exactly synchronized to the motion of the Red Planet that’s called Mercury. And today we’re going to talk about something very mysterious, which is called Mercury sequencing. Every 88 days, the camel and Mercury complete the cycle together, this is an evolutionary sequence. The center can never directly inform Mercury. The center can never directly inform Mercury. Only the camel can do that. The stream filtered by the center is then filtered by the camel before it can inform Mercury. So think about it this way. If you have at the very center, at the core, if you have the dog and then you have the center filtering what the dog has, everything can go out except for one thing, because no matter where mercury is, the camel is always between mercury and the center. The camel is always between mercury and the dog, always, because it’s moving exactly with mercury in its movement. So what that means is that the center itself never gets to program mercury except when the camel incarnates. And we will see that this has happened and then we have many, many people on this planet who have been deeply impacted by having the direct informing from the center rather than it being conditioned by by the camel. The string filtered by the centers and filtered by the camel before it can form mercury. When we come back, we will spend our afternoon looking at the impact of mercury sequences and what it really means in our process. [01:06:35][269.3]

[01:06:43] Yeah, the, this material that’s been collected from this course will eventually be incorporated into a, one of the grey books that I’m writing with is about the. [01:06:57][14.0]

[01:07:13] Ready for dogs and camels? Yep. The illustration for the dog and the camel was given to me by the voice, so I assume that the symbols have some kind of meaning. I’ve had a couple of mild meditations on them myself. Generally, I don’t pay much attention to all that stuff. It’s just interesting that it’s there. But nonetheless, there are people that are enamored by symbols and their meanings, those two to me, carry with them a great deal. Nonetheless, the symbols here of the camel and the dog, it says where the function of the dog is general the function of the camel is specific. By that it means that the function of the dog is to generate neutrino information, by the way, it’s not actually generating the neutrino stream as much as it’s taking the natural process of the sun and out of that constant stream, that’s a much more complex thing. It operates in general filtering the stream, as information and the function of the camel is specific because it has a certain job that it does. It’s not general what it does. Remember that it’s moving in exactly the same positioning process as mercury. So it’s always keeping its relationship directly with Mercury. It says the filtration of the stream by the camel is experienced by raves as their personality consciousness. Runs in around the camel incarnates, this is a very important event, the camel incarnated in 1936 and returned to the sun in 1941. It was the only opportunity for the center to directly inform Mercury since before 16,101 B.C. So one of the things that’s very interesting and you’ll see, because we’re going to talk quite a bit about mercury sequencing, this is a this is a whole generation of human beings that has no secrets. They are somehow very different, and it’s one of the things that I always pay attention to is anyone who is born in that era because I’m always looking for what, what the possible anomalies are. The reality is that the camel represents the direct, the direct information that goes to Mercury and it goes to Mercury and it’s going to affect us in those 88 degrees in the Sun where the personality crystal is inside of the fetus. In other words, the way in which our personality is programed is directly related to mercury. And it’s directly related to the camel. The reality is that the moment that camel is not there, that it incarnated on this planet. This was the moment that instead of Mercury being the sole processor of this, all of those children that were people at that point, at that stage were all being programed directly by the center, not something that happens, obviously, very often. Mercury, the planet has a special function from the moment that the personality crystal entered into the body of a fetus for 88 days, not 88 degrees. Don’t confuse the two. For 88 days it will only respond to the programing of this planet. You know, in our European Mediterranean tradition, Mercury is the is the messenger of the gods. It is the great communicator of the godhead. And of course, mercury is the brightest of all the planets and it’s closest to the sun. And in this sense, within the nature of this mythology, Mercury has a disproportionate importance upon us. Over the next several years in the time slots that I give to what I’ve called rave courses, I’m going to be teaching about the sequences within the body from the point of conception to the point of birth, because it’s very important to understand the nature of what is going on in these processes. Here what we’re looking at is that we have a special programing that takes place in us for the first 88 days that the personality is in the body. Now what that means, of course, is that there can be, it can be exact, and that sequence can end with birth or a new sequence can begin just before the birth. As an example, it’s either eighty-eight or eighty-nine days, the 88 degrees in the sun. Nonetheless, what it means is while our personality is inside of us from the moment our soul enters our body, it is mercury that is directly conditioning us. And it’s directly conditioning us based not on what the center projects, but I want the camel projects, that is the camel is the filter that directly connects to mercury. So in a sense, the nature of the camel is that it is the, how can I, what can I describe that as, the, the hard disk of human consciousness? Something like that. Out of out of the camel comes the human personality consciousness program. We are all programed by this, by this entity. You know, inside the sun, you have a, as you can see, a Trinity, we have a classic Godhead that’s sitting here within the sun, that is relevant to just about every culture on Earth. This combination of the center and the dog and the camel there, that many, many names, ey? [01:07:13][0.0]


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