Ahr Zhe Winnie: 97 Grey – Love & Awareness (97.9)

One with Love

[00:48:21] The teaching of my grandmother. The rave was never one, the knowing of Abraham, very simple, we are not alone. Understand the rave is always connected to love as the design is always connected to the monopole through the string. This is the knowing of John the Baptist. Think about the nature of what happens to you the moment that the magnetic monopole disengages from the design crystal and the design crystal rises up and goes into the ajna center. The design crystal has lost contact with love. There’s a space inside of the design crystal, where a magnetic monopole can always embed itself, at the very beginning when the very first illustrations I showed you was this illustration of the dancing dervish, the dervish that danced to celebrate love, to celebrate awareness because awareness can only be generated in the separation of love its source. We can never be one with love. This is not possible. Not until you’re dead. And that’s another movie when you’re dead. As long as the magnetic monopole is not connected to the design crystal, we are always separate in that way, but yet they are connected to each other in the Matrix. It’s always connected the matrix. So love is always there. Rave is always connected to love. Connected to love. As the design is always connected to the monopole. There’s always a place where they can fit together, but in fact they never do. That is as far as evolution is concerned, they never do. Not while we are conscious. Think about what that means. The moment that you were one with love, you lose your awareness. Think about that. Think about that very deep. The moment you won the love you lose your awareness. It is the separation from love that makes us aware. It’s something to understand. The separation from love is what makes us aware. And then you come the rave is never one with love, not as long as it’s in form. This is the knowing of …. There is no way that we can be won with love as long as we are in these bodies, because these bodies keep us separate from love, because they exist in the very separation of the design crystal from the magnetic monopole. But the rave is form. Out of form, it is not a rave. This was knowing of Buddha. He got the joke. He said, well, body’s not ours. And it’s not. This is what you can know, said the voice to me, not being one is the rave way. In our awareness, in being alive, but we are not one with love. This is one of the great myths. This concept that we can be one with love, to be one with love is not be aware. It’s not to be aware. And we always get to have the embrace with the oneness. We call it death. Death is a great moment of love, not one that we are cognitive of, because the moment that you’re one with love you stop being aware. [00:51:53][211.5]

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The Rave is never one with love as long as it is in form…the knowing of Muhammad! Interesting blip

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