97 Grey: Culling (97.23)


We are in the process now and this process is to come to grips with the nature of our true form, what we are. Only when every single human being on this planet at any given time is cognizant of their own nature, are we going to be able to live in the harmony that’s possible for us as a consciousness field, as a consciousness field, without the vanity of the individual value and purpose. I’ve met so many people who try to be prophets in the wilderness and I see the great pain in their life. I recognize that they know that change will come, but we all know that somewhere inside us. It is not about that. The only holiness in this life is to be yourself in the now. There is no other holiness. And that is a deeply selfish process. It’s about yourself. It’s nothing more. Nothing less. This is a fairy tale. It’s a fairy tale. Remember that. It’s no promise of the future. It’s just a fairy tale. I like fairy tales. [00:07:41][427.9]

[00:09:21] That’s a, that’s the, it’s an old story about living underneath somebody and you get to know their pattern because they take their shoes off and night and take sometimes only one shoe falls and you wait, wait, wait for the shoe to fall. [00:09:35][13.4]

[00:10:59] In ibiza, and he had a dream one day, and in the dream, John Paul the Pope, showed up in his dream and my friend Bob said to him, What are you doing in my dream? And the Pope said to him, go ask Ra how you take the seven out of the five. So the next day, Bob loves these kinds of things, came up to me and looked at me and out of nowhere he said to me, How do you get the seven out of the five? And I heard myself say, the six go out the door. Now, that’s about the most mystical thing I get to say in my life. And if you don’t understand it, I don’t care. That’s all so natural, I think. The voice told me many things about the nature of the crystals of consciousness and that the crystals of consciousness bundle. We already have that as part of our language because we know we have personality crystal bundles and design crystal bundles and that most of those crystals never incarnate and they’re part of the consciousness field of this planet, both on the inside and the outside. But I was also told about the evolutionary process of the crystals of consciousness. They have often bundled and moved and moved across great distances in space, our modern understanding of the science fiction of UFOs is deeply connected to the fact that, indeed, life and consciousness has traveled through space. The life on this planet did not initiate here. We all know that. The scientific community now knows that at some point this planet was seeded. This is something that happens. That is part of the process, the crystals of consciousness have moved. I showed you, how they started in Arcturus, that they began in process there. They moved to Dubay, of the great bear, they would be on, let literally on a planet around Dubay. They moved there to our solar system. They will move again. When they move again, they will not leave our solar system. I was told that they would, the crystals of consciousness, when the change comes and the change is going to be violent, it’s going to be violent, that is violent from the perspective of what it is to be human. You know, the, the fire will come, the, the cataclysm will come. This is deeply ingrained in the psyche and crystals that we carry, that these cataclysmic changes come. The Hindus, they refer to it as the night of Brahma. There is a sleep there that is a kind of sleep that we cannot imagine. Everybody assumes that when the change comes, all of a sudden there is this transformation. Well it’s not true. In. [00:13:55][175.7]

[00:14:04] Millions of years before the crystals of consciousness can again go back into forms. So when the change comes, 3623, when this change comes, that change will bring the end of what it is to be human, will bring to the end of this form. At that point, the crystals will bundle. They will gather. All of them. All of them. And they will move and they will move to Oberon. Oberon. I have in my, in my studio, in my chambers room, I have this incredible photograph that was taken by pioneer nine and it’s, it was the first photograph eer, taken of Oberon. Oberon is a moon of Uranus. it is a very strange place. It is a, it is the only heavenly body that we have in our solar system that’s not named after a God or goddess, it’s named after a character in a Shakespearean play. And all of the places on Oberon carry the names of various characters. It’s quite a place it’s very cold. It’s very cold. And it’s a place where we will go. According to the voice. [00:15:21][76.7]

[00:15:24] This here is a way of looking from a different perspective. This wheel will die. We will no longer have this kind of perspective. And in fact, this will mean nothing to Aerons. They will not need to have such a tool in order to understand their place within the totality. This is a, this was something that was shown to me, something that I could see. I was told by the voice that when the change comes that there will be an annihilation, that is, think about the nature of what it is to be a fetus. There is a great deal of genetic material that will stop being used. There is a great many aspects of the form of the fetus that will no longer be viable. The moment that it moves from a reptilian stage to an early mammalian stage. There’s a whole transition that takes place. And there are many, many things that are culled, biologically culled, naturally culled. We have a spiritual tradition, a religious tradition of reward and punishment of the damnation and exaltation. This is not a question of whether you’ve been good or bad. This is a question of not being useful anymore. You see, there is honor in annihilation. I know according to the voice, the crystals that are in me we will be annihilated, they will no longer exist, I will no longer be an old soul like the rest of you, I will be a dead one. The annihilation, according to the voice, is simply that what I represent or what my energy is in this form now, those crystals and their function will no longer be necessary. It’s like what happens to a fetus when it’s gilled-like capacities have to become lungs. Those gill-like capacities, those fish-like capacities disappear, they’re not bad and they are to be honored for their contribution in that stage of the evolution. But we are an evolving entity, the totality, and we will go to the next step. There will be an annihilation and it will be the annihilation of what is yang-yang. I am yang-yang, that is my nature. The yang-yang will be annihilated. It will no longer be necessary. And in that transition of the yang-yang, a third aspect will come into being. That third aspect will be brought by the entry of the personality crystal into the totality. Here it’s the dotted lines that go across, that are replacing all of the yang-yang. There are many, many positions that will be eliminated. This diagram is a diagram based on six, which is made up sevens and fives. There is the is the sevens here that face each other kitty corner and then going across there are the fives. And there are these six different fields. The yang-yang will be eliminated, and this will replace it. In our language there would be thirty-eight hexagrams as opposed to sixty-four. And it means that in terms of the language that I’ve been sharing with you, the nature of alpha’s, we began with 88, we now have 64. They are going to be reduced again. This is the nature of how things work. It is a refinement of our process. You see our ideas of heaven and hell, they are not illegitimate. They are simply ignorant. Because it’s just a mechanic. There are those who go on and those who don’t. It is one of the more bizarre gifts that I was given in my contact with the voice is that I always know, that is not a knowing that a knower can explain to anybody else who doesn’t have that knowing. But it’s something that I always know. And the moment that I meet somebody, and I meet many of them, because it’s in my travels, whenever I meet somebody that I know is going to be annihilated, I can feel it. And they know that I know. And it always comes out somehow in our conversation. It doesn’t have to come out in the direct form. There is something inside of us that carries this. There are those of us that know we’re damned, those of us who know we’re not. And of course, the thing is strip that of its ideology, strip them it’s stuff. You see, the one real privilege that I haven’t been the teacher of human design is that I honor no dogma. And I don’t. I think that all of that is very nice and pretty. But it’s the dressing and it’s nothing more than the dressing. And we will not liberate ourselves on this planet until we start dumping the dogma and see the mechanic underneath. The mechanic is very honest. The mechanic is honest because it is pure. It’s not about good or bad. It’s not about that at all. It’s about what we need to continue and what we no longer need because it’s no longer useful. My father always told me I was useless. Sex and drugs and rock n roll, what to do? [00:20:56][331.4]

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