97 Grey: Fear (97.17)


[00:00:04] The, the, the sixth angel. This is the first moment that you can say that this is a thing. It’s a thing. A creature. You cannot say that it’s going a human thing, at this point, it’s a creature at this point and it’s a creature at this point, because the moment that you build the splenic system, you build the capacity, you build the capacity for this creature to stay alive until this is the inherent capacity. Because what is being built here is that in the 44/26, we have our fundamental immune system. We have the thymus gland that sits in the 26th gate and we have the splenic, the lymphatic system that’s in the splenic system. We know that the heart centers through the 28th gate produces the T cells and B cells are at the other end, the whole protective system. This is the capacity, the existential capacity to maintain one’s life. We have a splenic system, a heart, g-center, the throat. Please notice something. The ajna center is not connected. It may be difficult to see in that illustration, but there is no channel there, between the ajna center and the throat. The ajna center gets built, but there is no channel there. Everything is operating out of the throat center. The ajna center is just busily doing its brain business. Okay, this is something totally separate, but in terms of the way in which this is moving, you’ll notice there’s no channel there in the ajna. And then you come here to this building of the spleen and you bring in this fundamental life capacity, to maintain one’s well-being. But it represents something much, much deeper, in terms of its value to us as a tool, because the first thing that it tells us is what is the theme of fear in the life? What is the theme of fear in the life? The moment the splenic system is initiated, what we have there, you know, the 44th gate is the fear of yesterday, the fear of the past. This is a fear that’s carried in the nature of the vehicle from its previous incarnation. After all, the design crystal is always building basically the same vehicle, the same vehicle in time, has different personalities all the time. But, you know, the design crystal is carrying with it a basic piece of information. And that basic piece of information is what is the archetype of fear for this kind of vehicle? You know, if you’ve got a car that doesn’t have the engine in the front, the basic fear is somebody hits you head on. Because you know that that’s the part of the vehicle that’s going to collapse. So, whatever the nature of the vehicle is, this is the point at which the intrinsic fear is there. This is a fear theme in the life. It’s something very, very important because it talks about what the deepest fear is within the vehicle itself. And that deepest fear also represents something else. It represents what is to be feared. In other words, it is both subjective and objective. It’s not only going to tell you what the fear is, but what will bring that fear in that sense, what it’s going to meet. So, this is a very important point. This 20 degrees in the sun. It establishes the, it establishes what, in fact, is a creature, a creature with that soul, a creature without a real type, yet. And the first thing to see about that is that the making of this creature, it looks a lot like, well, at 20 degrees, it looks a lot like, uh, it’s very reptilian fishy-like it’s fishy, fishy stuff. You know, at this point, that fish, you know, this it has with it a basic theme of fear, the fear for its survival, what it must deal with, its a fear for its survival. [00:04:29][265.6]

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