97 Grey: Four Corners (97.11)

97.11 Four Corners

[00:27:00] The Four Corners. The Four Corners are directly involved in rave personality programing. The corners incarnate regularly, at least one is in a body in every rave century. That’s a lot. So these four forces are always coming into the world, coming into the world regularly. The number one corner, and the number one corner is, where are we here, it is the Sirius. So the crystal that’s at the heart of Sirius, the center at the heart of Sirius, the number one crystal will incarnate, well it did obviously already, whether it’s still alive I don’t know, incarnated in Switzerland in 1991. Again, I was given no month, no dates. It was just, I was being told stories, eh? so every time we would mention a crystal coming into incarnation, it would just give me a date and a country. So these are things that are just part of the memory of that. The four corners each function as centers, at the rave level, it is they which establish the nature of the world. So you have these four corners, one in Sirius, one in Dubay, one in Alcyone, and one of Jupiter. And these four corners, they establish the nature of the world. They create the parameters for the nature of what we give out as conscious beings. [00:28:14][74.2]

[00:28:25] So the archetype of the four, they manifest this archetype of the four. The three stars, Sirius, Dubay and Alcyone do not program raves directly. That is, we receive their neutrino information, but we cannot process it. It’s not possible for us. We don’t process the frequency. It’s like having a radio station and you don’t get the band. You know, you just can’t tune it in. Though penetrated by the stream, like all things, rave personality crystals cannot translate the frequency. The three operate through Jupiter, which then translates the frequency to its four giant moons and in this wave and in its electromagnetic field, that the information gets translated down to the human level. In other words, there is an ongoing, instructive process that’s taking place. That is, one of the things to recognize is that we are a vast consciousness that’s at work. This vast consciousness is being orchestrated. The level of self-awareness that we have leads us to easily to forget how much consciousness is actually at work in the universe, how much consciousness is at work within our forms, and how all of that is being automated at a level that we are not capable of grasping in any way. There is this vast orchestration that is going on. And the cosmic information that we’re receiving from the corners is what establishes the nature of how the design crystal functions, that is the design question with the totality. Remember that our nature and respect to the nature of the totality. We are like the, you know, I often describe human beings in a way that I could describe each one as being the gene in a genetic code. That can carry the unique variation and the unique aspect that’s part of the totality is a whole. In the crystal sense of the word.

Everything within the crystal field of our solar system is all together the design crystal of this unborn entity. We are about to form itself. It’s why I have difficulty with the spiritual interest in both the future and the past. I was given incredible information about being able to look both ways. That as long as I’m alive, I will never share. Because we need to come to grips with what it is to be in these forms. And until that we could really grasp the nature of our form, we are not going to get to any kind of real spirituality. This is the essence of it. So the whole focus of this is to recognize that all of this is about establishing the form. The design is about establishing the form. It builds the vehicle. It builds the vehicle. We are the builders of the universe. It’s one of those beautiful images to keep in mind. We are building the universe as we live, as we live, because as the energy field, as the whole matrix of the neutrino field moves through us, that vibration is moving out to the totality.

It’s one of my favorite images of the nature of the neutrino stream and what it used to be a human being. We have these crystals inside of us. We have this incredible stream of neutrinos that are pouring through us. When those neutrinos go through my crystals, they program people I program them. I mean, I change the neutrinos stream when it passes through me, just as you change the stream, as it passes through you. And the most extraordinary thing about neutrinos is you don’t stop a neutrino. You know, they once said that, calculated that if you built a wall of solid lead that was one hundred and fifty million light years wide, that’s a big wall, you could maybe slow down a neutrino. You won’t slow them down. So one of the most extraordinary things about the nature of the neutrino is that the neutrino travels at less than and not a lot less than the speed of light, speed of light, I don’t know what it is in meters, but it’s a 186,000 miles a second. The neutrinos probably traveling about 170,000 mile a second, which doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference to us, but nonetheless, it’s very fast. My point in all of this is that the eight, eight years later when I’m what I’m sharing with you today, eight years later, this goes through a Sirius. In nine minutes it goes through the Sun. Everything that we are participating in, that we call our lives programs, our universe and everything, as long as I’ve been alive a bit in the world for 48 years, it means that my neutrino information has traveled at least 45 light years in space in every direction. I’ve touched thousands of stars in the sky with the essence of my existence. We all do that. We are the design crystal programing the totality. And it’s one of those things to keep in mind about the integrity of the beauty of what it is to be part of this process. So often we’re trying to find purpose, and the purpose that we’re looking for is just a reason for our own problems. It has nothing to do with our function, within the totality, you know, within the totality we are with every breath exercising our command over this form. And it’s one of the things that human beings will get to recognize deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper the more we come to the point where we understand the nature of the form, everything that we see in the mundane world, whether its science looking towards the understanding the nature of the universe or trying to understand the nature of our genetic code, all of that is about measuring. One of the oldest roots for the word Maya, is to measure. This is the nature of what it is. We are the measurers. We are the definers. We are the structurers. We are the ones that control the shape. We know whether it’s this or that, how long it is and why it is, how heavy it is. All of that is part of our nature. It’s intrinsic for us.

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