97 Grey: Looking Deeper (97.13)

97.13 Looking Deeper

It’s our eye, after all. It’s our ability to see deep, deep, deep into the past to the edge of beginning. This is our nature. Our nature is in the measurement of form. And so, one of the things that is essential knowledge is to recognize that the gift that we have is that we can see form, for others. We can see the nature of their circuitry. We can see the nature of their design. We can see what the form is. Only when we master that, are we want to be able to come together as humanity. You know, people often get very nervous with me because I represent black forces. I understand their nervousness. We do live in yin world. It’s frightening because everybody’s is looking for the yang. But I want to tell you something. There’s no yang until you deal with the yin. You know, first you learn from your mother and then you learn from your father. If you learn the other way around, you will be very confused because that’s not the nature of things. So, what is here for us is to make sure that people understand the nature of their form, ey? This is the great teaching out there. This is what these forces represent. The coordination of the form of our consciousness, so that we pursue this measurement in the Maia. How tall are you? How much money do you make? Where are you from? How long have you been gone? Where are you going? How much does it cost? [00:38:05][579.4]

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