97 Grey: Mercury Sequencing, Shocks & Initiation (97.16)

Mercury Sequencing, Shocks and Initiation

[00:59:24] Today, we’re going to take a look at timetables. These deep, deep patterns that lie in everything. From the very beginning the, in my work with this knowledge I’ve been fascinated by what takes place before the birth. There are all kinds of patterns and sequences that are there. And at some point, they will provide us with a great deal of information. Every single one of us comes into the world with a fixed pattern in terms of who we’re going to meet and who is going to be of value of us and who isn’t. And all of those things are there in the fetus, in the mechanics of the fetus, long before it is a personality. Ever since my encounter with the voice, I’m fascinated by the totality, my interest is trying to understand the nature of what the voice called the child, that is the nature of the universe that we live in. In understanding the microcosm of the fetus, and we have an advantage, the advantage we have is that it’s possible to know when something, when a human being is being conceived. This knowledge of the timing of when conception takes place gives us a deep possibility to be able to understand the mechanics of developing life. We have a mechanical universe now. There is no God. Doesn’t exist. There is no soul in the universe. And it doesn’t exist. It’s not there. It hasn’t come yet. We live in a mechanical universe. It’s one of the things that is driven humankind’s faith is this deep, deep recognition, deep, deep, deep within us that this is a mechanical universe. If we are going to come to grips with the nature of what we are, why we live out the phenomena that we do, one of the most important things for us to understand is this period within the womb before we receive our personality.

When I first began to work with the knowledge, the thing that was most fascinating to me and most startling to other people was the ability to be able to see their unconscious at work, the design calculation. More than anything else, it convinced people in the early years that human design was something valid because they saw aspects of themselves that they knew so well, but they had never had any other way of seeing them. Astrology, for whatever its value is limited to a recognition of the nature of the personality without any accurate way of seeing that within the form. And one of the first real surprises in my work was how profound the impact was on people to be able to have access to the subconscious. Where everything that we talk about in terms of the unconscious is the mechanical us, it’s these vehicles, it is the nature of these vehicles. And the nature of these vehicles can never be separated from what we call our consciousness. People are always trying to question me about the nature of afterlife phenomenon, what’s going to happen to us when we die. And it’s a deeply amusing question to me. I was obsessed with death, obsessed with death to the point that I would, I would take just about any risk to see what it was like to get close to it.

And I’ve, in my, in my Ibiza years after my experience with the voice, during the nine months when I burnt the human designed system and before it was given back to me, I had an event that I participated in that took me right up there to the, uh, the door of death. And what was so remarkable about that, is that when I got to the door, I realized that wasn’t interesting because it didn’t matter, and of course that’s the joke. It didn’t matter. Everything about us that is so superb about the nature of what it is to be human, to be in the world, is about these machines, this mechanism. We’re caught up in in the waste product of this mechanism. Just like human beings take food into their body and release it as gas and waste. One of the mechanisms of what it is to be human, is to take in a frequency and to blurt it out as thoughts and concepts and language and all of these other things. It’s a byproduct of this mechanism, the mechanism is what’s holy. It’s the mechanism that’s extraordinary. You know, when we leave these bodies, the crystals, when they leave our bodies, the personality crystal goes up into the atmosphere and the design crystal goes down, they go into what I call the hum. There’s not a lot going on there. It’s just a hum. When I, you know, my father, my father died years ago. He was killed years ago. His personality crystal somewhere up there. For whatever reason, in whatever the plan is, that personality crystal may be in my vicinity and the neutrino stream pouring through that crystal pours through me and I have a dream, or I have a sudden deja vu sensation of my father. Now that’s a legitimate experience for me. That is what is filtering the stream is what was my father in this life. So, there is a recognition that I have and because I recognize the nature of that crystal and its filtration, I have this sensation of the presence of my father or contact with him. But that crystal doesn’t know that. That crystal does not participate in that for example. That crystal is just out there, waiting, like all crystals of consciousness, waiting, incarnating or not. But once you’re out of the body this magnificent capacity within us to reflect on the nature of what it is to be, this is all gone. So, my fascination begins with the with the nature of what this vehicle is. After we got through this introductory piece, I’m going to take you through the sequences of the first 88 degrees of life. [01:06:47][442.9]

[01:07:03] There’s a cosmic timetable is building the body of a child. There’s a cosmic timetable building the body of the universe. There was a timetable in building the body of Arcturus. A star is simple compared to a rave. The body of a rave does not begin in earnest until the seventh stage, when the root center is constructed. A star is inanimate. There is only one stage of construction and one center, what in the raves is called the G center. [01:07:28][24.3]

[01:07:39] The design of the star is the archetype of an inanimate object. Life begins with a complete channel between two centers and it’s one of the things to see very clearly. Without a complete channel, there cannot be life. It is inanimate. A star is the purest expression of love, longing to be one with the prime magnetic monopole that builds a G center to assure its connection, to have a place for love, to return to. Something very beautiful in nature that. You see look, all design crystals move when they’re outside of incarnation, they move together with their magnetic monopole. They’re lovers, in that sense, that is, form and direction are one. This is the nature of love. And the moment that a design crystal is incarnated into any living form, one of the first things that happens is that the magnetic monopole dis-embeds from the design crystal, separates from the design crystal. In that moment of separation, there is a longing for love. The magnetic monopole goes to what we call the G center and in the G center, which we know is the center of direction and love, the G center, the magnetic monopole sits, and it’s always pulling everything towards it and what it’s trying to pull most of all is that design crystal out of the ajna to bring it back down into the G center so that they can die for love. Because that’s the nature of what it is to be human, eh? We die for love. It’s something to really understand. Very, very deep inside, to understand, we die in oneness. And this is the beauty of the design crystal in the monopole. So here you have this at a cosmic scale. You have this in the nature of every start that you look at in the sky. They, the, all stars have a G center that they built, and that G center is there to assure a connection, for a place for love to return to, so that every star in its way is with its monopole, pulling everything, everything towards it. And most of all, it’s trying to get back to that original design crystal so that it can be, again, one with love. [01:09:57][137.9][01:10:04] There’s this old physical concept that the blood is life. You know that the 25th gate, which is the only gate in the sense that we understand it, it’s the only gate that’s open out of every star, this gate of universal love, this gate of the blood. You add all the stars together that we have in the universe and the energy that they project and the information matrix that they create. This is the life itself of the totality. It does not build the throat, to do. It seeks only to be directed in its expression of love. The stars. Its potential lies towards contact with shock. Everything about the universe is about shock. Everything. Everything. The universe is a deeply violent place. We are deeply violent creatures. And what lies within us is a deeply violent microcosm. We tend to see violence as something that we have moralistic difficulty with because we equate it with specific inter-speciel violence, the violence that we experience in our mundane lives. But the reality is that what I’m saying to you is traveling about a thousand kilometers an hour and smashing into your ear drums. And at that level, it’s a very powerful thing, very violent. And that every time that I take a breath, the oxygen that goes into me is killing on its way, burning things, destroying things. And every time I breathe out, I breath out death, I breathe out hundreds of thousands of millions of dead cells. And our immune system is one of the most violent things one can imagine. The very existence of human beings on this planet is a result of cataclysm. A whole world of reptilian creatures was destroyed almost overnight on this planet by cataclysm, by comets striking the earth. This is the nature of the universe and it’s something to be understood. This is the path of initiation. Initiation is rooted in shock. And without the shock, there could be no initiation. And without the violence there can be no initiation. Violence does not have to be ugly in the sense that we know it as something we know. But to understand the power of what that represents. One of the deepest shocks of my life was to open my eyes to the sun, that is quite something to be shocked in that way, to be open in that, I am that channel. So, I have a deep affinity with nature of shock, I have been shocked, and I shock. And I recognize that in all of that, there is a wave that’s generated that brings what people call enlightenment. This shock to shatter the mundane structures that we have inside of us. You know, the habits that you’ve ingrained through your conditioning, all the things that you assume are normal. You can listen to my fairy tales, but you didn’t live them and it’s only when you live them do you understand what shock does to you, what it’s like to be shattered. And if you’re not shattered, you can never be rebuilt.

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