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97.10 Programming

[00:00:02] Development in the personality consciousness. But then again, I don’t really know. I was told stories and I was not a questioner in those stories. So, details were not things that I was looking for. I was just getting what I was getting. I don’t really know what the camel does. You know, I’m just telling the story. And I was told that the camel programed personality consciousness through its relationship to mercury. But what exactly that program is, what exactly the camel represents in terms of classic mythology or whatever the case may be, I don’t know. So I don’t really know what it means not to have the camel do the programing. I don’t know that either. That is something that can only be discovered historically from a different perspective. [00:00:50][48.2]

[00:01:55] Well, and nonetheless, as I said, I don’t know, you know, when there when there is enough evidence and research, it’ll be an interesting thing because we’ll see why that was. So, you know, this is something unusual and it’s, it’s, it only happens at the end of a round. And of course, we’re coming to the end of the round. So, it’s preparing the ground for something. That’s the other part of what that’s all about. [00:02:16][21.7]

[00:05:17] Sequencing. Sequencing is a great key, knowledge that was once known by the Egyptians, but Tarot is its remote bastard descendent. Sequencing, we have an 88-day sequence, we have an 88-day sequence that programs consciousness, personality consciousness and it does not stop, that 88-day sequence. It keeps on repeating itself. It goes through its 88-days and then it starts again and goes through its 88 days and then it starts again. This was something that the Egyptians understood. They understood that there was a sequence, that there was a true division. This was a mystical way of seeing the change of each day. But they recognize that the change of each day followed a mystical pattern. Now, one of the things to recognize about the nature of sequencing is at the moment that you can understand sequencing and it will not be fully usable for hundreds of years is to see when people are in absolute harmony with each other and when they are not. Now this has to do with the nature of whether one is in sequence with somebody else or not. So we’ll take a look at the nature of sequencing. The position of the rave design mercury. If you look in your charts and you look at your design mercury, your wave, you design mercury. This indicates the plays of sequence initiation. In other words, whatever hexagram that line your mercury is, okay, that place, that’s where your sequence is going to begin. OK, now, that the first at that point, the date 10th of January set the first. That’s the first day. Then, you know, the 10th is the first day. OK, so this, the rave design mercury indicates a place in the of the sequence initiation. In an individual rave based on its prenatal term plus the Uranian life cycle of 84 years. There is 351 of these conscious sequences. Now there’s many of them. Think about how this works. Okay. You have your design mercury. You know the position and you also have the date. There’s a date. There. Good. Three months before your birth. Okay. Exactly 88, 24-hour days later, that’s the end of sequence number one. Exactly, 88, 24-hour days later, that’s the end of sequence number one. And then you start the next sequence. Then the next sequence will start in another hexagram. It’s not going to start in the same one. But what’s important is that you’re going to go through the same 88 steps. So, the first thing to recognize is that when you are looking at this data, your design, Mercury, if you were to follow your Mercury day by day, for those 88 days, it’s going to describe to you your consciousness program for the rest of your life. Each day becomes a microcosm of a pattern. That doesn’t mean that the pattern for day one of your sequence, when you get to day one sequence two, you’re going to be in a different hexagram, there’s going to be different energy. But the foundation of that is in that very, very first day of the first sequence. In other words, that first day of the first sequence and the first day of the second sequence, like in hexagrams, where they have a resonance, they have a resonance, and the resonance is based on that primal structure. And this is something that they understood. They understood that each day you’re stepping into a totally different pattern and sequence. Our brains are programed. The camel is programing us and it’s programing us day by day in this mercury sequence through Mercury. So one of the things that one day will lead to a great deal of investigation is to go deeply into the sequence, because when you go into your sequence, you’re going to see that if you measure it through your lifetime, you’re going to be able to see that every 89th day, the beginning of the next sequence, over the years, you’re getting it four of these a year, eh?. Over the years, you’re going to see, oh, my goodness, I go through the same pattern on those days. You understand? The pattern of the way the personality works. That pattern and is structure in the beginning, in the sequence. And that structure stays. It stays throughout the life. So, every time you start the next sequence, you’re in that pattern with the beginning of that sequence process. The other thing is when I did the lines, I talked about how you could start at any point in the wheel and tell the story. And you can. So, one of the things for you to recognize is this is a great treat. Read your sequence. I mean read your sequence. Your mercury starts at a certain date, in a certain line. And at the end of the 88 days, it’s going to be wherever it is. You may get retrograde, where it goes back and forth, all kinds of strange things can happen in that, you’re going to get quite a story and understand that if you have a retrograde of mercury inside of sequence, it also means that it’s going to be there all your life. All your life. Because you’re always going to go through the personality level, this 88-day sequence, this step-by-step program. Each one is a sample of what it is to be in this progression, eh? [00:11:21][364.1]

[00:11:25] Cards. They had a priest for every day of the sequence. And each of them had special mantras so that they could guide people, of course, eventually we will come to a point in time where we will know each other sequences. It’s of no importance to us. It will be of importance at some time. Because, of course, when you’re in sequence with somebody, when you’re in your fourth day, they’re in their fourth day, doesn’t matter which sequence is, in other words, it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you are, but the moment that you’re in sequence together during a special kind of moment together. So, this is something that will allow us to organize at a much more profound level than was ever possible, but that will take a lot of time. One of these days we need to get dear friend Eric, the programmer and program that, because it’s a very time-consuming calculation. It’s important, don’t confuse this, eh? Has nothing to do with the life. This is about the programing of personality consciousness. It has nothing to do with our design, has nothing to do with the vehicles that have to go through those sequences. This is about a sequence that our consciousness goes through, our personality consciousness goes through. What’s so important about it, because it’s the personality consciousness that we can be in sequence, personality consciousness, this is what we find the great harmony. We already can find the harmony in the yin, the Maya is warm, it is easy for us to find that. But the personality harmony, this is something quite different. This sequencing, there are many ways in which you could link with somebody with sequencing, by the way, for the people that are born between 36 and 41. We don’t know where the sequence begins because there’s no mercury to position it. The only thing that, the only thing that we know in that sense is that we know that the design calculation represents day one. So, we know that there are sequence is in terms of when their day one starts. But the reality is that we don’t have the same kind of information. These people cannot do the same kind of research that other people could do in terms of their, in terms of their Mercury sequence. [00:13:49][143.9]


[00:14:01] The nature of sequencing, the sequencing isn’t simply a matter that I’m in the fourth day my sequence and you’re in the fourth day. And it may be, for example, that if I look at my sequences of mercury that in my 17 sequence, Mercury started in the 16th Hexagram. And I meet somebody whose original Mercury sequence was in the 16 hexagram. We have a link to each other through the resonance through that cycle. And when they’re in the fourth, then I’m in the fourth day. That’s another resonance between us. They’re incredible harmonies at work in the world. And the moment that we really come to grips with the nature of how these things work, because it’s all preparation for spirit consciousness that we begin to recognize that these structures exist, we can begin to tune to each other. Tomorrow. I will show you that in the very first 88 degrees of our process, the first 88 degrees in the womb, everything that we want to face in life is already there. Who will be our allies? Who will be our enemies? What will work and what work? All of that is already built into the vehicle. Here we’re looking at the last 88 degrees since. We’re looking where the personality gets conditioned and structured. In this case from the camel. The tonal will be able to look and see what it’s like from the sun, with the sun in that sense, through the center, what the center does to initiate the physical life itself. It will make a basis for the study of the development of fetal consciousness, that is, how does it work? And course, please understand there’s a joke in this for that. Sequencing is very important from the point of view that we do not understand how the consciousness is formed before the birth, it’s going to give us a lot of preparation for the future, for the future of the totality in that sense. It’s very important to understand this framework that’s being established. It has no practical value to us. You know, I remind everybody that nothing that I’m sharing with you up to these days has any practical value whatsoever. So, it may be fascinating and may be interesting for you to look at your mercury sequence simply from the point of view to see you own, your own personality program. I find that, I found mine very interesting. It’s a fascinating thing to look at and I, I managed to cover about five or six years of my life and then I had enough of it, because basically, you need to have incredibly good records, memory, all of these things, you know. It’s not about that. I shared this simply that, you know, that it exists. We live in patterns. Everything’s a pattern. These patterns are very, very beautiful. And the moment that you can recognize the nature of a pattern, you can also discover the intrinsic harmony that’s built into any pattern. In sequencing there’s wonderful resonances that exist in all of that. But from your point of view, from the perspective of taking in this knowledge, you know, it’s interesting for you to look at the first 88 days. If you look at the first 88 days of Mercury and you’ll recognize, of course, that Mercury will stay a few days in one line and then the next and so forth and so on. The story that it tells you, it’s giving you a framework for understanding the way in which your personality operates. It gives you a framework for it, and that framework may be a value to you in looking at yourself or looking at the process that you’re going through. But in terms of what this knowledge is really for, which is to be able to ensure harmony in an organized humanity, that is something that will wait lots and lots of time. That’s one of my favorite pictures. This is an illustration of Jupiter and the four Galileo moons, Europa, Colispo, Hyo, and Gatamin. this little island in. The center filters the stream for all of personality consciousness at whatever level of existence it may have, plant. insect, reptile, fish, bird, mammal and rave. The fourth corner within Jupiter filters both Jupitertarian and cosmic streams specifically programing rave personality. Jupiter is truly in baric ways. The giant moons of Jupiter are the key instruments of rave personality consciousness. Each moon is a microcosmic representative of the Four Corners. I showed you this illustration of the breakdown of the center and 88 Alpha’s and in breaking down that center and the 88 alphas, we saw that at the core in the sun we have the center, we have the camel and have the dog, this fundamental trinity. And then we take the next step and the next step is the Four Corners. The four corners, we have all kinds of images of them, the archangels and whatever. But the reality is that these are four primary forces. These four primary forces are enormously important to us. This is, this field here around Jupiter, Jupiter is indeed the logos, this field around Jupiter this is programing all of existence. That is existence as far as we know it is being programmed. We, in the earlier part, when we were looking at the nature of these crystals, it was said that these, these crystals were in start, the, the Four Corners, the four corners are not present in our solar system. That is one corner is present in our solar system. It’s present in Jupiter. The other three corners belong to stars. You can see here that these, it’s called the four sides of being. And it’s literally the program for our whole solar system. We have Sirius, the dog star and Sirius has a relationship to the moon IO. The way this works is that we have three stars in the sky, Sirius, Alcyone and Dubay, and these three stars in the sky they send information, and that information goes directly, goes directly via Jupiter to specific moons. And those moons have a relationship to each of those stars. And it’s there that the information that holds us together, the four that gives us our form, it’s there that all that information is coordinated. We get that information via Jupiter, in that sense. In other words, that cosmic information that maintains the nature of our solar system and its consciousness evolution has Jupiter is a middleman. That’s Jupiter’s job. So we have these three great stars in the sky, Sirius, the dog star, the, the story of Sirius is a very important story for us. It’s an important story for us because Syria is the great mutative force that we have to deal with. In the time of the ancient Egyptians their, their star was Draco. This was their holy star. And during their time, something happened to what we now call Sirius. That is, the series attracted what is called The Dark Companion. The Sirius is a binary, and it is attracted a star that is that has an enormous amount of mass, so much mass that you cannot see it. So it is a dark companion and it is bleeding the energy off of Sirius. In fact, it is killing Sirius. It’s quite literally what it’s doing. And the moment that Sirius captured this dark companion, Sirius became overnight by far the brightest star in the sky. It was at this moment that it became the holy star for the Egyptians. They abandoned Draco the Dragon, and serious became their star. So that when the alignment of the Great Pyramid of Giza and all these other things, people related to Sirius. What is very important for us to understand, is that Sirius is dying. This is something that nobody, no physicist can tell you when that light is going to go out, there’s no way for us to know exactly what is going on. There’s an enormous field of energy that’s being bled of Sirius into the dark companion. Light is becoming matter. Energy is going back into the form. And this is something where one of the most mystical things was told to me by the voice is that when the change comes, the yang-yang will be eliminated. We have four aspects of the Four Corners. We have yang-yang the yet we have the yin-yang and the yin-yin, that is the, the father, the mother, the eldest son, the eldest daughter. And this is the nature of the Four Corners. These four elements here, they all operate within that given matrix. Sirius, you can see is the yin-yang and the yin-yang this is the eldest daughter, and the eldest daughter, something is happening to the eldest daughter. Her yang is disappearing. This is the nature of what is going on, and the fact is that the moment that Sirius dies, that’s the moment that our change will come. So we have a deterioration that is taking place in our communication field now. IO, by the way, is the only object that we’ve ever discovered with the solar system other than our own planet that is actively volcanic. And we have incredible pictures of volcanoes exploding on IO and this is something that is relatively recent. So there is a deep connection in this process, a mystical one, if one wants to examine what happens when the eldest daughter loses her yang. That’s another story. The number two corner. You can see here in this little illustration, if you look inside, you’ll see there’s a triangle inside that’s the center and you can see the white part of. [00:25:41][700.1]

[00:26:20] By the way, I just briefly repeat that, it’s nice to have that on tape, to recognize that this knowledge, all of this information, all of this fishy information is just that, they’re fairy tales. I mean it says here at the bottom here, please keep that in mind that these are cosmic fairy tales, messy cosmic fairy tales, but they’re cosmic fairy tales nonetheless, because what’s important, I mean what’s important for anybody that I work with is that they realize design is important, human design’s important, not the, not the fishy tails in the background. They’re just nice old stories. Anyway. [00:26:59][38.1]

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