97 Grey: The Beast (97.24)

The Beast

[00:21:14] See everybody’s afraid of the beast. 666. It’s carbon. Carbon has six protons and six neutrons, six electrons, and we are all carbon-based life forms. Humans we’re the beast. He was right, I’m cosmically useless, not yet. I told you this story that the voice told me, if there had been a connection between the, the sacral center and the ego, that we would not die. So the first thing to recognize about the nature of the Aeron is that once the Aeron incarnates is going to stay that way, it’s going to stay incarnated and it’s going to stay incarnated for what will probably be 1.2 or 1.3 billion more years. You think that’s heaven. [00:22:24][70.2]

[00:23:09] It’s about this big. It’s not very big. It’s about this big. It has the shape of a three-sided pyramid. It looks like ah, ceramics. I would imagine that it was fired clay, in some way. The ceramic at super cold temperature levitates, that is, it floats above the surface. So, these objects, the Aerons, they will not be big physically. They will be, as this says, the most interesting aspect is the disappearance of the throat center. It is the end of metamorphic processes. There are no outsides that are inside. It’s solid, probably ceramic, relatively, relatively eternal. And it says three sides, one face. We are two sided, we are two sided with one face. The nature of what I tried to show you was that the nature of the fetus, the nature of the child, the cosmic child, the cosmic child is sitting right now like a fetus in the womb before it receives its personality crystal. When the personality crystal comes into the universe from the outside, at that moment, that crystal, in its process of coming in is going to shatter. Everybody’s going to pick up an aspect of the personality of the totality. That’s all going to be combined with in this form. This form is going to carry within it, three crystals. It’s going to carry within it the design crystal, as we’ve known it, the personality crystal, as we’ve noted, which is no longer a personality crystal and the true personality. You see this whole fantasy that we have, this yearning that we have to know the name of God. At the moment, that the personality actually comes in, that’s the moment that we all know we are, and we all know who we are together. It’s the nature of that. So, this form that you’re looking at here, think about what it’s really going to do, because what it’s really going to do is rather a incredible image. You see, it has three sides, and it has one face. Okay. Now you can see here that drawn here under the name of Aaron circuits. These are actually the sides of this three sides. And each side represents a different circuit that is ruled by a different crystal. Not like us, our crystals cross service, obviously, here they do not. And each of the circuitry and its crystal is related to only one side of a pyramid. And then there’s the base, base is a common ground. So, think about how this works. The whole process that an Aeron will go through is that these objects as they move, based on what we call now the eventual spirit awareness, will be able to identify the right face for them to meet. And when those faces meet, when those sides meet, they can never separate. You see, we started off as one crystal, it’s our process of going back to the one. And we’re going to go back to the one this way. It’s going to take a very long time, because it’s risky business, because that is a contact that will never be broken. It’s one of my jokes, want to an Aeron? Want to be face to face with somebody for eternity? Quite a movie. So, the nature of this is that through these different circuits, each one has to find the appropriate face, until literally the crystal is rebuilt. And of course, this is something that we cannot know. We cannot know it because the crystals themselves have changed over these billions of years of evolution. We will not come back in the same way and the centers won’t be there. So, there is nothing to go around it. They are simply going to have to find through their consciousness a way of identifying who those others are supposed to be and finally to be able to meet them, to bond with them. And of course, the reality is that bonding has to take place at four different levels. It will be an evolutionary process. It will take a very, very long time to build the chain of that contact. You see, we are, we are the design crystal of the totality. It is our process, our evolutionary process to bring together to completion this form, to bring it to the point that we would call in our ignorance, birth. And the one thing that is clear about getting us to that point is that that point of birth is dependent on whether that crystal can be built. Because if that crystal can’t be built, it cannot instruct the mother that it’s time. It’s the nature of the work. [00:28:53][344.6]

[00:28:54] So here is this imagery. This is the, the nature of the world where there is nothing to see and nothing to breathe. If you look carefully, you’ll see there is no abstract circuitry. The experiential way it’s gone, it’s gone. There is this deep potential for awareness, for awareness, for awareness without the distortion of the experiential way. Awareness that’s rooted in three awareness’s, but no throat. This is not about manifesting. This is about the deepest potential to respond because you see, when it comes to that business of who is right, the mastery comes through response. This is all about dealing with the emotional spirit wave, something we don’t know. You see, we don’t know. We don’t know what this awareness is going to be like. Nobody knows. You know, my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren, maybe, 400 years from now, 500 years from now, they will probably have an idea of how this kind of consciousness operates. They will have that experienced that a lot of them in their process. But now, we don’t know until we get to that point, we really don’t understand the taste of what this is, because this operates at a level wave relationship that we are so crude with. Me with my words. It’s a crude way of communicating. You know, but it’s the human way. It’s not the Aeron way. There’s no there’s no mouth. There’s no asshole. There’s no sexual organs. There are none of those things. Does not exist. It’s not what they’re about. And when that crystal is whole, and the neutrino stream goes in that crystal, it’s going to be doing its job properly. Let’s see. I don’t see that. Want to ride so little, but I have to. Yeah, in a way it is. Well, you have to turn your time together because you see the fractal has been distorted over the billions of years. There’s been many things eliminated, many alphas along the way eliminated. Many, many pathways have been eliminated. So, this is an adventure. It’s a great adventure in producing an individual, whatever that is, whatever it is, you know, that is, it’s clear to me that that’s how it works, whether that’s what it’s going to actually be. You know, there’s a lot of people who like fairy tales, God knows. You know, this is not something that I can prove from the voice. It’s why I have, I do this very, very seldom in my process because there is no way of verifying these things. And as such, they tend to program people. I don’t like programing people because I think it’s cruel and unusual punishment. I don’t know. It could be just interesting. You know, treat it as science fiction to treat it as anything else. If you get there, if you get there, you’ll remember that’s what it was. So, if you get there and you’ll remember, you’ll say ahh, he was right. Don’t be in a hurry to get into anybody face. It’s a long time. I had a young American who went through a Grey Course with us last year and he said he had nightmares and once because he came up to me very earnest to me one day and said, will I get there? And I said, oh, yes! Ha. That’s wonderful. Tormented him. I don’t want to be an Aeron. [00:33:06][251.9]

[00:33:26] The last thing that I shared with you in this great process, there’s something to think about. At the time that the design crystal recognizes that its essential nature is ready, that’s the moment that the magnetic monopole releases a frequency, and that frequency of the fetus’s magnetic monopole calls in its personality, now with design crystal in totality. And before the personality, crystal can enter into the body of the universe, we have to call it. And not one of us, and not a hundred of us, and not a thousand of us, but all of us. And we we all got to call it at the same time. Something to think about. We will get to a point, thirteen hundred years from now, fourteen hundred years from now, we will get to that point where we will be ready to do that, we will be, be ready to call it. We will have no other choice. [00:34:33][67.2]

[00:34:38] And let’s take. [00:34:40][1.6]

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