97 Grey: The Mother, The Host (97.21)

The Mother, The Host

[00:30:07] The mother becomes essential, you the moment that the the mother realizes that she’s pregnant, you know, this is the point that her whole nutritional focus has to change. Again, in this period where all of these things have to come online in the consciousness of the host, this is not necessarily an easy thing. We know, for example, that from the statistical evidence in the United States, from ghetto children, from people who were born into very poor and unhealthy environments where children are often not wanted at all, that there is devastating impact on the on the eventual child, because of the conditions within the first three months and this period in between this middle month, the second month this is the most dangerous period for the health of eventually being. [00:30:51][43.6]

[00:30:56] Uh, for competition, yeah, yeah, because what I’ll do for you said to print up my computer because I can, I will make available to. A copy so that you will never that someone get some equipment. [00:31:15][18.4]

[00:31:18] So we move to, we move to stage nine. And when we get to stage nine, we get to the building of the sacral center and you can see that the building of the sacral center is through the 59/6, the channel of intimacy. And of course, it’s one of those things to recognize about the nature of the vehicle is that, you know, when the vehicle is two months old, it’s already being conditioned that at some point in its life it’s going to have to make more. So, before it even has a chance to have a life, it’s already being conditioned to the recognition that it’s going to have to be reproductive. This is a reproductive specie. The obvious point here is that the moment that you have the 6th gate, you have the establishment of the emotional motor, that is that the fetus at this point begins to generate its own wave. It begins to resonate in the wave, it begins to operate in the emotional wave environment. It’s the beginning of that process. But this position of the sun, this has a very, very, very nice mundane value, because what it tells you is exactly who’s there for you in your intimacy. Something very important. That is, it will provide a framework for seeing what kind of intimacy of value in the life. Now that, that quality of intimacy, for example, let’s say that you see that it’s in the 42nd gate, for example. The reality is that it doesn’t mean that it will be a person with their sun in the 42nd gate, it could be their earth, could be dependent on the nature of design, but whatever the circumstances are, but the nature of the line is going to tell you what the quality of the intimacy necessary for the vehicle, what it’s looking for in that sense. And when you’re looking at the 32 degrees, which comes before it, this gives you the theme of what tribe, what community is correct for these people. This is a, you know, these two social functions that are there in both of these positions, they give you a deep insight. In other words, what is the the thematic for community relationship and what is the thematic for individual intimacy. That individual intimacy is something that’s very, very important. Okay, this is an underlying key because it tells you right away what will make the vehicle comfortable, what will put the vehicle at ease. And because this is about the reproductive capacity of the vehicle, it also has to do with this whole process of why are we attracted to certain people, or why do we have children with certain people, when there’s all kinds of things going on inside of us that say this is not going to work, but this isn’t right or blah blah blah, whatever the case may be. You know, this genetic imperative that I keep talking about, the nature of the genetic imperative, the theme of that genetic imperative, is going to be there in this position, 64 degrees after the conception. It’s going to give you the theme for the intimacy. [00:34:55][216.9]

[00:35:02] Between the stage nine and the stage 10, this is, of course, when the nature of gender is established, the actual sexuality is established. That sexuality is established in what you don’t get to see there, which is the 3rd gate. There’s no channel yet, but what place of the 3rd gate is this is the place where the gender will be established once the sacral center is initiated. So, after the 64-degree point, this is the point of that cycle. There will be a point where I, I go in detail through all of that, but this is another process because it has to do with the nature of the moon turns on and turns off all our biological systems. But the reality is that after this 64-degree point, this is the point when the gender gets established. Up until that basically it’s yin, that is it’s not yang. So, it’s basically yin. When we finally get to the end of this 88-degree process, when we get to the 10th stage, we get to something unusual here. Because we have the building of the head center, but there’s something else that takes place. First of all, you’ll notice in the illustration the head center gets built, but it’s not connected to the ajna and the ajna is still not connected to the throat. I mean, this is the first 88 degrees. Sometime, not next year, but the year after, I will do the middle space, because the middle space is very important. It’s transition space. Because it’s during this transition space that all the other channels come on stream. And it’s very interesting to see the pattern of that and how they actually begin to operate. The first one, by the way, that actually physically manifests, is the 360. This comes after the 88-degree point. It actually comes at 90 degree of the sun after conception, which is not this this chart. What you’ll notice that’s different here, is that at the same time with the head center is constructed, you have suddenly the emergence of the channel 15/5. Now in this whole sequence, that’s the first time that something happens like that. In all the other cases what we’re seeing, like the building of the solar plex, we see the channel that is generating that nature. But here we have at the 88-degree point is that the head center is established, but there’s no hook up yet, it a space basically, you can kind of look at that as the kind of person that goes out into a forest and they mark off a piece of land and they say this is where we’re going to build the head center. Okay, that’s what that is. That’s said, okay, there is where the head center is going to be built. But what has to happen here is that you have to have the 15/5. This channel of being in the flow. This is universal to all forms of life. This is fundamental for life, fundamental for life. At this point, given our technologies, it is possible at any point after this. Now we’re down to something like a 112 degrees of the sun, that you can actually have a child be born. We have incubator children that are four months, four months, two weeks that actually survive. And we have a technology that’s getting more and more efficient at that. So one of the things to recognize about that is that there is no way for that to happen until you have the 15/5. Otherwise, whatever it is going to be generated out of that is going to be deformed in some way or another, and severely damaged in one way or another, because the 15/5 is literally the only thing that keeps us correct in terms of what it is to be human. For us, this, coming in here, what it’s doing is that it goes into this spiral and then it goes up and they come all the way down around into the spiral, and now we go straight up with this and going up through this tantra, the first thing that we have is the 5th gate, which is the establishment of the pattern. This is a living thing. I mean, it’s not a human being, but it certainly is a living human vehicle. The moment that you have the 5/15 you have the integrity of a separate life. This is a real-life form at this point. It’s not simply, you know, an expanding cellular formula. At the moment that it takes the 15/5 into its nature it really becomes like all the other things that we looked at, plants and animals and birds, and blah blah blah. They all are rooted in this 15/5. This is when it takes, begins to take on its nature. And in the moment that it takes on this nature, it also begins to establish its pattern within the mother, and it begins to establish its special rhythm within the mother, and it begins to control the nature of the rhythm of the host. This is when the, the female body begins to change, really radically begin to change. And you have all kinds of water that’s being retained, and the physical body is beginning to expand. And the nature of that physical body, how it can respond to life, its ability to be able to metabolize its energy properly, how healthy it can maintain itself. All of that is being established by this inner rhythm that’s there, this inner pattern that gets manifested on the outside through the through the host. So, in this moment of creating the head center, this is the completion of the essential pattern. After all, we are a nine center being. This is the completion of the essential pattern. It’s at this moment that it can be done. And then the opening up through the 15th of this possibility of having a unique rhythm to that pattern. But the 15/5 establishes that this is a real living form. And at this point, though, it’s not recommended, at this point it is possible to take in the personality crystal. It is possible, okay, but that does not mean that, you know, I doubt very much whether we will see at any point the capacity to to bring into the world a three-month fetus. But the fact that they have gotten down to four months and 10 or 11 days is already an indication that there are extraordinary things that our technology can do. But nonetheless, in terms of design, it’s not going to be possible before this point without, without enormous damage, that is the personality can come in but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to operate at all. [00:42:28][445.3]

[00:42:40] This building of the head center, what it’s really saying is, what kind of back-seat, what’s the design going to be for the backseat where the passenger’s going to sit? If you put your passenger in the backseat and you’ve got no windows, it has nothing to see. So, one of the things to recognize about this in terms of its mundane interpretation is that when you’re looking at this position, 88 degrees of the sun after the, after the conception, you’re looking at what the limitation is going to be placed on the personality, what limitation is going to be placed on the personality. Ultimately, we’ll see that this has a lot to do with the transition from the basic senses that we have in the instinctive stream, which is all we get of our deepest senses, the development of our, of our early mammalian senses, the sense of smell, the sense of touch and at the moment that you’ve come to this point, this is the beginning of the eye business and this is the beginning of establishing the, the vision, if you will. So this is a theme of what kind of windows or what kind of lenses that the personality crystal is going to have to look through. [00:44:02][81.8]

[00:44:08] Menders. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will take you into the future and I will take you into what comes with the change comes according to the voice. Interesting pictures for you. And Yurgen and I I have a tradition last night of the Grey Course and this is the last Grey Course that we’re going to do. So we will fulfill our tradition. And Yurgen was trained and spent his life playing Eastern music and I play Western music. So we do a Grey Course sandwich. Yurgen will East you in the beginning and I will West you at the end. [00:44:08][0.0]

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