97 Grey: We Ahr the Breath (97.15)

97.15 We are the Breath

[00:56:03] The thing to be clear about this, what is here is just a very simple outline of man’s human kind’s, spiritual quest, and the thing to recognize about the nature of what it is to be us is to that express love, we cannot be alone. It’s very simple. Because that’s what it’s saying. To express love, we are not here to be alone. To express universal love, the greatest expression of universal love manifested through humanity is not being alone. That is finding a way to integrate successfully with each other. You know, this is the nature of what we’re here for. We’re here to establish the most aware community of intelligence in the evolutionary process. That’s our nature. It’s not about being one with love. Because this is a myth. It is a myth. It’s not physically possible for us within the body to be one with love, we are its expression. You know, we are not the breather, you are the breath, we are the breath, and the moment that we recognize that we are the breath, we can be at peace with not being one with love. This is one of the things to recognize about the nature of what it is to be human. We are the expression of love. This is as deep as we can go in our experience in these forms, and that the only way that we come close to seeking out that oneness is by forming bonds with each other. And this is what we’re here for. I mean, the most beautiful thing about the nature of human design is to be able to see so clearly how we fit together. To see how everything fits together. This is the nature of our process. You know, Buddha understood, out of form it doesn’t matter, you know, when you’re out of the body, when you break the cycle of being in the body, you’re always, one with love. That doesn’t matter to us. We’re not going to be cognitive in that experience. Not going to be self-aware in that experience. When these crystals leave your body, they carry with them an intrinsic memory, however, that memory operates. But they do not function as anything other than storage system. There is no brain. There is no vehicle, to process and filter. It’s not there. So, to be one with love, sounds nice, but it’s dead. The thing we have to deal with is expressing love, not looking for the one-ness, expressing love to each other. That’s about as sappy as I get. That’ll be enough for today. Otherwise, I’ll start sounding wadlin. That starts in. My self-deprecating, holy humor. So. [00:59:14][190.4]

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