97 Grey: What are Cosmic Fairy Tales? (97.22)

What are Cosmic Fairy Tales


The Grey Course is about Cosmic Fairy Tales. I have a funny association with the nature of the information that was given to me. I was told, given an enormous amount of detail about the nature of how things came into being, but I was given detail by the voice about the nature of my life and going to the point of its death and I was given all kinds of information about the nature of cycles, and finally I was given this whole image of what will happen when the change comes. Now, one of the things that keeps me in this business, and it is a bizarre business, one of the things that that keeps me there is that I work with a logic system. Anybody who has looked at my chart will see very quickly that I’m not a believer. I’m a huge skeptic. I’ve never trusted anyone or anything, and I still don’t.

I never trusted the voice and I still don’t. I watch. I watch. I’ve learned to wait and see. When we first produced our books. And people would come to me and ask me to sign them, I always signed them the same way, wait and see. Wait and see. In my experience with the voice, until this point everything that was said to me was given to me has turned out to be verifiable in terms of my own objective logic, whatever that’s worth. I’ve seen very clearly that the nature of the human design system was legitimate and that simply because in 10 years, and it’s soon going to be 10 years, it’s traveled all over the world. And it didn’t do that because of the efforts of Yurgen and I, we’re a couple of freaks and we do our, our basic of business and enjoy ourselves in the privilege of our lives, but we’re not exactly involved in a kind of enormous effort to, to spread this. It spreads by itself and it spreads by itself because it works. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s because it works and it’s because it’s accessible and it’s logical.

When I told you at the beginning that this course represents witnessing nothing less, witnessing many of the things that I’ve shared with you these days are things that we will not have any value until long in the future.

And there is a tape recordings and there’s all kinds of material now of people with experiences, information, and they will survive in some way. And eventually, someday it will be verified that those things take a long time. I’m not somebody that puts any faith in tomorrow. I’m right here right now. And all the projections that people have about what’s going to happen, will happen, might happen, most of that is utter nonsense and its usually people who are longing for their own life to come to an end. It’s what I call spiritual suicide. And spiritual suicide is something that I meet all over the world. These are people that want to change to come tomorrow because they don’t like the world and they don’t like what they see. They don’t like the pain of their lives because they refuse to accept themselves as they are. They don’t like the pain of the world.

They think it should be changed. They don’t like hate and they don’t like killing. And they don’t like lots of things. And they wish that there was something else. They yearn for angels and UFOs and all kinds of things. They hope like hell that the world is going to come to an end so that they’re going to have some kind of opportunity to reincarnate to some other form in which everything is going to be easy for them. You know, one of the things that I liked so much about the voice, is that the voice was coldly accurate and there was no sentimentality of the nature of its description of things. The nature of the Aeron, and this is a word that I saw, not a word that I heard. The, the nature of the Aeron is such that I know that I would not like it at all. The, the future is not necessarily something that from our perspective and our form of humanity that we would find very interesting or very exciting. You see, this is not about the fantasies of heaven and hell, and this is not the fantasies of redemption, and this is not a fantasy about power. The reality is that we are part of a vast evolutionary process, that evolutionary process is something that is just purely mechanical, is a mechanical. It says here we are in the closing cycles of the round and at the end of this round, it’s the round of civilization, at the end of this round 3263, the rave will come to an end and something different will be endowed with crystals of consciousness and its name is the Aeron. These forms that we’re, they’re temporary. It’s one of the jokes of life. They’re temporary to us in these lives. I call them rented vehicles. You know, we just have them for their lease. And when the lease’s up, we trade them in, and we get another vehicle and we’ve gone through a very deep process. It’s a process of coming to grips with being separate and finding a way to find a oneness out of our separateness. This is the great challenge, and it’s one of the things to recognize that this challenge only completes itself at the end when the shoe falls. It’s one of the things, it isn’t going to complete itself now. There are no pinpoints of light that are simply going to be so evolved, quote unquote, that they’re going to be so different from everybody else. This is a lie. It’s the same lie as lie of the old soul. It’s just a lie. We’re all old souls. One of the things that the earliest Buddhists understood, one of the things that the earliest Semite religions understood, was that the nature of transition is the nature of transition for all. We all go together, we all go at the same time, and we all go as one. We’re not there yet, and nothing is going to make it happen before it’s time.

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