Grey 97: The Eighth Stage (97.19)

The Eighth Stage

[00:12:19] So we come to the eighth stage. And we come to this, the spiral we have that’s like down here then we have this movement going back up, very tribal and obviously you can see that much of this is tribal related. The moment that you get to the eighth stages is 32 degrees in the sun from the point of conception. So, you’re talking about just over a month after the conception. This is the moment where something distinctly human is in taking place. I’m fascinated by the literature on autism. When I was, I was born, I was classified in the language at the time as being hyperactive. I had all of the all the classical earmarks of autism in terms of the way that my my energy operated and my incapacity to deal effectively with any kind of emotional feeling. I’m somebody with an undefined emotional system, undefined solar plex system and the only gate that I have active in the solar plex system is the 49th gate and it’s unconscious. This is, in somebody’s finished chart is always, always indication of the possibility of autism. Always. Autism is, is related to a very unique human capacity. That unique human capacity is what we call the capacity to emote our emotional system. You can look at the design of forms and you look at the design of mammals, you’ll see that mammals don’t have a solar plexus center. They have inter-speciel or tran-speciel gates where they can connect to a solar plex system. They have 12th gate, they have the 19th gate, but they don’t have the 49th gate, nor do they have the 22nd gate. In other words, they don’t have an emotional system. It’s one of the things that animals are both attracted to and repelled by in human beings, is connecting to what is their emotional system. There is at this point, at 32 degrees there is a process that is going on in the machine that activates the emotional wave system. That is, it activates the beginning, what will be the beginning of the wave system, because as you can see, when you get to 64 degrees, the wave is established by the presence of 6th gate, but we’ll get there. It activates the emotional system, and it activates the most basic part of the emotional system. And the most fundamental thing of the emotional system is need. The moment that you look at this chart at 32 degrees in the sun, what it’s telling you is what the vehicle’s going to need in its life. Next year. I will be doing. Courses, I haven’t booked them in yet, but I’ll find a place for them. I will be doing courses in the same way that I’ve done with sexuality and caring but will have to do with eating. And this is one of the first gates that tell you what the vehicle is going to need to eat. The 19/49 is all about food resources. It’s about establishing that there’s enough food resources for the tribe and the 19th gate is this need. The need for resources, the need for food resources is driven by the solar plex system. This at 32 degrees in the sun, this is when the fetus really starts kicking into its mother. That is, this is when it really starts tapping into her resources. Okay, this is when the this is the point at which the pregnancy begins to start taking the beginning of its toll. There’s hard work that’s going to take place and all of that because the resources are going to be depleted more quickly by the rapid development of the fetus. This rapid development can’t take place until the emotional system is connected, because the emotional system, the emotional motor, what will be the emotional motor is what is going to drive this need. Here at this point at 32 degrees, if anything goes wrong at this point, what happens is the inability to handle the emotional wave. Now, this is the true nature of autism. One of the most interesting things about autistic children is their capacity to be able to deal with animals and their sense of familiarity with animals and lack of threat. Yeah, dolphins, cows, you know, they do not have an emotional system and they are alien to humans because of that, you know, and we are alien to them because of that. There’s wonderful literature on, uh, there’s this wonderful story of an autistic family, the father, father and mother, their child. And they have a trampoline in the middle of the house where they can all go bananas together. And their favorite television show is Star Trek, because they don’t identify with the earthlings. They identify with all the creatures the earthlings keep bumping into because they feel like a bunch of aliens. You know, the inability to be able to understand the, this, the most obvious emotional nuance that we have, when we look at each other, when we communicate with each other, we’re giving up emotional information. There’s all kinds of nuances in the way that we move and look and all of these things, the autistic child can’t read that. They don’t know whether they’re being fooled or not. They don’t know whether you’re being earnest or not. They don’t have any way of establishing that. And the solar plex system is what that’s all about. Because remember something, what we know about the solar system is that this is where the spirit is going to awaken. So the spirit of humanity is given its starting point at this point of thirty 32 degrees, because this is the moment that the solar plex is established. The potential for spirit in humanity is established at this point. This is in a sense, this is the beginning of our spiritual nature. or spiritual nature lies in communion and the communion of being able to, to get one’s resources after all these more tribal than the fetus in the womb. It is totally dependent in that sense. It is totally interlocked in the support system and of course, this being so deeply connected with that. It’s also the moment that the tactile functions begin their development. The point of this is the very, very beginning of all kinds of tactile experience, what will eventually lead to our ability to be able to touch, in that sense, to experience touch. Touch is an extraordinary thing because it is, It reaffirms our illusion of being separate. It’s so important. The moment that you can touch something, it is not you. You know, the moment that you touch it, you know, the moment that you reach out to it, that you make contact with it, you know, you make contact with something that is beyond yourself, that has a barrier, or you touch yourself and you meet your own barrier, you know, you meet the illusion of what the separateness is. The touch is one of the things that separates us from everything else. We tend to romanticize it the other way around, that it’s the connector between all of us. But it is also with that deeper sense, a separator. And of course, the moment that you bring touch, and you bring in the emotions. And of course, the moment we bring in the emotions, we know we bring in something else. At this point, there’s actually no wave. At this point, this is a spirit connection, in a sense. At this point, what’s there is the mechanism’s need. So, when you’re looking at this as a mundane level, the first thing to recognize is that whatever line you’re going to find at 32 degrees, it’s going to tell you that’s the theme of need. Okay. What the vehicle is going to need the most in its process in life is the theme. Unleaded. Diesel. [00:21:34][555.7]

[00:21:45] He would sort of a sacrificial lamb will be allowed to put all of the models if you come here for the past year. [00:21:53][8.4]

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