Do we remember?

body of water during golden hour

Before closing down this effort, I’m interested to collect any comments suggestions or requests to create any new content.

Given the volume of content being generated today, some of which mirrors my own vibe and theme, I’d rather abstain than repeat, wishing to be aligned with others who might amplify and deliver such most efficiently, effectively.

All the best and wishing all success in reaching the objectives set out when dropping into these meat suits!

Published by Mark Roach

Mark Roach is creative businessman, artist, actor, writer, producer, engineer and executive.

4 thoughts on “Do we remember?

  1. Grateful for your shares
    My question is why do you share?if sharing is becoming a burden – a hassle or an unmet expectation then I would go in-


    1. It’s a matter of focus now. There’s no shortage here of “why” or “energy”, but rather making the best investment now that much of my fury has cleared, after nearly eight years of isolation and living on the edge to get there.

      I don’t regret walking away from being a CEO, the oil business or athletics. I understand how unusual and confusing it is to others as I’ve been reconciling my trauma’s – or how I was even capable somehow of keeping the lights on at the office and at home as I did, probably with much support of the angels around me.

      Thanks for your response. It’s clarifying. I do find I deal with expectations … sometimes I question whether they are truly mine …


  2. It was amazing to get access to the knowledge after your first attempts at sharing were closed down … That seems like a long time ago now.
    I hire you aren’t going to delete content that is already up.
    If your time has expired a rest might be the way to find the way ahead.


    1. The host of the platform and a vendor were rather intimidating and eventually shut down and took the wind away from some of the creative effort to share the material that had been developed and under-distributed in my view at that time. Then as I looked deeper, I found some deficits and shortcomings in it. I’ve reconciled those and continue to work with a few individuals. I’m just considering options and the course ahead at this stage. Thanks for your attention here, for remembering, as well as a sense of support.


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