Celebrity Skirmish

circus theme party

The framework for a new reality show has emerged. No wait! In some form or another this is an old format with familiar characters. It’s just a new angle posed by our shift in bringing celebrities down to earth. In this case, entertainers, maybe clowns of sorts who were one time considered to be artists filled with royal blood by God himself. Well that’s the way it maybe have appeared a few years ago, but everything has changed.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – two people given special exception to act out and live in what looks like opulence and lives with “get out of jail free cards” – are at war with each other in a civil case playing out in a courtroom with formal proceedings and measured applications of old school dress codes and the pomp and circumstance begging for the application of legal rules. To the common person it may just look not relevant, like privilege and spoiled brats airing their dirty laundry in an expensive public contest as poverty rises and the world seems less safe today than yesterday. But the common person might benefit by tuning into this one as the times are changing. The day may come when we are no longer entertained or exploited by these characters or all the industry who bring these stories to our focus.

The irony here is these two probably have valid arguments against each other and you may be saying to yourself, ‘don’t we all?’ But there’s an expectation that underlies their careers as “artists” today that the world to grant them special exception because they have jobs that channel their illnesses and mental instability, some might say their childishness, and lack of predictability into fortunes – and more importantly, into skewing your attention. They occupy your mind-space and provide the tracks to escape from dealing with your own life. But that’s what we pay them for – or at least that’s what we used to do.

Now we can clearly see now they ignore laws and codes of conduct we hold ourselves to and impress upon our children. These two are attractive, artistic, famous. They’ve been trained in their lives to expect to get away with acting out – on and off screen – and make an even greater fortune from the publicity at the box office. 

But the days are gone when much of society envied, even followed such characters as groupies, the rock bands who traveled the globe in the 1970’s and ’80’s, tearing up hotel rooms and performing on drugs, leaving a swath of rape and pillage behind in the once untold maya of suppression.  The studios and powers that be were in such complete control of the narrative. These “heroes” were envious to the population of suppressed common folk back in the day. Back in the day when those people didn’t actually have the freedom granted them on paper, by law, because it took a hundred years, two, maybe three generations to claim our human rights and knock these jerks from their pedestal.

That actors today should need a reputation, a clean reputation, is a new thing as transparency, social media and the demise of organized religion has produced a  highly judgmental and polarized market for film, for TV, for streaming, for product endorsement and advertising. Studies are exposed and needing to control and create “formulae” for these “expressions of humanity” to bring civility to their industry, their big piece of the pie, their power and influence over the masses. Those in charge really do not need these artists. In time they’ll learn to customize a medium to capture your attention, tell you exactly what your missing to occupy your focus and sell you products, some of which you may actually need. Only development of our own discernment or lack thereof will ultimately declare the winner of that battle.

The judgementalism of the fundamentalist that was so strong a few decades ago, fled the churches. But, by and large this force has not died. Transformed, it’s found a home as the torch behind many groups of individuals who define themselves, find a way to position themselves as victims as part of their own identity, their view of themselves – playing a key role in defining themself but in great contrast to the other, in polarity, in right and wrong, black and white, day and night, intolerant of the other.

We know, or it has been written and thought, that it may be easier to see your enemy than into oneself. To distinguish oneself, feel a clear identity, is to feed a battle. Polarity and its unfolding is a natural course of story evolution. These tides, like waves, rise and fall. If we are watching, we learn and move on. We evolve, dare we say “awaken”, from innocence into the a greater acceptance of ourselves and what once looked like our foe. But it takes time. These times are painful –  or they can be depending on the game you chose and how much time is left on the clock, which you probably have no idea.

Yes, those bad boys and rebel gals used to get the press and be role models for a rogue spirit – led right into this transparency. Those who looked the other way to survive, or played the casting couch game for financial gain, or had no one to turn to over the coach or priest who exploited them for sex – these people are rumbling to find their way in this new era. 

We’ve emptied the pews of our dogmatic approach to spirituality, by and large. Organized religion has survived the technology revolution, as have we so far, yet angst and frustration, the insanity encountered in reconciling the criminal vein of churches with our undying need for contact with a narrative that give us connection not only to one another, but to something much bigger than ourselves that brings hope for the lives we continue to spawn into this bio-film across the planet Earth.

We are being pressed more and more, to develop our own discernment of reality and fantasy, how laws apply and to whom, how the divide of wealth and privilege is widening in a narrative we individually seem not to matter, at least in the larger scale, as it that scale appears to be recognized widely as moved back and forth by the top 1%. Perhaps the gift in that for the common person is being pressed to develop this discernment and look directly into the eyes of our friends, colleagues and loved ones and connect at a level, to a degree that is real, such that we find safety simply in that connection as opposed to a false narrative or the stories of “exceptionals”. 

Now as we look within, our “inner groupie” is challenged to find a home within our own guidance system rather than an external platform, narrative or guru. The fabric of everything around us is grappling to meet this challenge, to operate with understanding and compassion for one another in peace. But it’s just not that interesting (or clear or easy) at the moment – that is unless you take the time to develop some new skills to allow you to feel and connect with your fellow human beings.

Published by Mark Roach

Mark Roach is creative businessman, artist, actor, writer, producer, engineer and executive.

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