I’ve taken notice in my life as to what is working and what is not. Noticing what is not, has never deterred my interest. Learning from our failures is paramount to formulating a successful approach. I recall a popular business school with a prominent billionaire success story calling attention to their program. The lady was telling about her father who was an engineer asking her every day when she came home from school if she’d failed. The point being that if you don’t try, measure your performance against some expectations (in their case, their own internal standard) then you are wasting your time.

“The Dynamic of Dormant Power” achieved a new response with people. I noticed. My articles have not been the type to share. I get a few private notes and questions. I like it like that.

I don’t think we need another book, movie or series, website, podcast, YouTube or tech platform. I’m trusting our nature and the larger forces at work. In fact, I have no choice and never have had. These are powerful forces at work. I’ve rubbed elbows with the bodies (yes, posing or actually being humans) who pull the levers in business, politics, banking, athletics, film and media, social influence, energy … the list goes on and on spanning the globe and the hierarchy of power from the street to those who own islands and brands. I’ve escaped getting in their crosshairs, which is possibly why I’m still here, although I never conformed. I even managed to escape circumstances of nature recovering from a NDE – a drowning and then being struck by lightning squarely between the eyes a few months later. But the point is to draw attention to your perspective. This has been a powerful force in recovering some sanity in the wake of the failure of a number of accomplishments, each of which exposed falsehoods.

It’s time to draw attention to the “noticing” that’s going on. It’s really not about the falsehoods. It’s not that the Pollyannaish narrative we had isn’t playing out in our lives. It’s no longer a matter of protest. It’s clear that even though certain foods cause disease, the masses continue to eat them and look to modern medicine and it’s industry to resolve the problems. We see new actors representing products and stories and political platforms – new genders and races than before – selling and promoting the same old, same old. The real point here being that we are noticing how mental everything has become. We’ve lost touch. We even see signs in yards saying “science is real”. So what kind of progress have we really made over the past 50 years?

I’ve held myself as someone who even as I was aspiring in life, was listening to the common person. I was told by several who considered themself as common that I was different from that top 1%. I didn’t watch my back very well. My lawyers, or lack thereof at the end of the day, left no air in the room for me to breath. The establishment will win in the near term. No matter how powerful I am with my fasting, discipline and perseverance – any support system requires bodies. Bodies need to be fed and they have their own plan, regardless of what comes out of their mouths, how many tears they cry or whatever noble statements they type out on their smartphones on social media.

I’d also held myself as a man of action. If something wasn’t right or in harmony, it plagued me night and day. The vibe, the tune or the song of this common person caught my attention. It may have been the unstated story around my mother and father in early life that drew my focus, but nonetheless I was noticing.

I was frustrated because I had always held that complaining or protest meant nothing if you had no better solution. So I’d carefully pick my battles, gather data for logical presentations, act and defend situations which to me seemed to be “no brainers.” I knew I was fighting an uphill battle many times though. The biases and underlying themes that have long separated classes, races, and sexes were the underlying elements of what made life exciting to me as I played these “mental games” making arguments for fairness and the “better good” – even feeling some pride from time to time in going to bat against these capitalists who ruled energy, banking and much of society.

I was naive. I really thought I could win from time to time. I was disappointed, even devastated from time to time, that the very individuals for whom I had represented their potential, their better interests weren’t up for the fight themselves. Much like those attorneys on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – when the rape victim refuses to testify on their own behalf – “to get their life back” the rape victims are told.

In life we see how difficult it is to avoid the hierarchy’s hold. I’m still surprised how many people consume snacks and soda and how overweight and unhealthy so many people in my world are. How out of control they seem to actually be. But from the words that come out of their mouth you’d never know it. Most paint pictures of knowing how to live and even enjoy telling others how to live their lives.

Now the point here is that if you catch yourself noticing this phenomenon, just stop. Not doing anything is difficult. It may indeed feel like the abyss. I’m not an anarchist, though I’ve racked my brain over that from time to time. But if you hold this state and use it to remember who you really are, just maybe you’ll get out of your head and make contact with yourself – with your body. From there we can begin to work together. So in this sense, we can just stop worrying about the future, the capitalists, the protests and all those lists made by our minds to bargain and trade and define ourselves and build our legacies.

Remembering ourselves and how we’ve survived just as our earth and our galaxy are full of evidence, our consciousness transcends our minds, lives in our bodies and reaches across the great divides we repeatedly and needlessly construct.

Reach out and share if you get there with me. It’s no fun alone. It’s not all that bad considering the alternative as I look around, but it would sure be a lot more satisfying to being doing this, be “being”, together if you can find a way to join me.

Published by Mark Roach

Mark Roach is creative businessman, artist, actor, writer, producer, engineer and executive.

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