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The Dynamic of Dormant Power

This well, this dormant power and potential for the supernatural in humanity, is hidden by and large by the program operating in current life. Not facing crisis, this power is held dormant in the shadows, in our psyche. It looks for control of deep fears and projects them on others, rather than dealing with them directly. To our shock, life is unfair. The hierarchy enjoys their debauchery and privilege. By design the hierarchy operate at the suffering and even bask in the honor shone them by the masses. 

Unchallenged, these individuals will attempt to stay in control of every area of their life (and their minions) by creating a false reality of details, timelines and systems, all designed for feeling secure and in control. The false reality they create will seem necessary although it will be far more involved than what is necessary. 

Of course there is nothing false about today’s reality and this dynamic. It feeds the evolutionary consciousness with massive feedback of humanity’s pain and pleasure, suffering and euphoria as the planet pushes the number of bio-forms to never known highs, levels heightened by population and amplified by technology. The illusion cast across this enormous population of involuntary participants populating this bio-film stretched across the planet. At no time in the history of mankind reaching back into any ancient civilization can there be boast to challenge the quality and quantity of today’s consciousness stream. In comparison, equipping warriors with sticks and stones versus arming them with pinpoint accurate remote nuclear devices.

Refusing to become punchdrunk over the heightened bandwidth of this stream of consciousness, in the meantime we are left to face, to dealing with our human condition – a seemingly transitory condition posed by our god-like qualities cast against our primal. – where an enormous disparity between haves and have nots has formed, maybe always been.

Nothing external can take away our core fear of inadequacy to deal with the abyss. But this growing transparency can no longer support the veil to hide the disparity.

An even deeper, darker aspect of our dormant power in shadow form will accumulate knowledge and attempt to manipulate others rather than face and feel the fears of the abyss. Neither strategy is a substitute. Knowledge and control have beneficial sides leading to wisdom and mastery on one hand but distraction and a false sense of security on the other.

A portion of the trades and bargains between individuals and institutions are necessary for survival. The trades we make with our money, time, trust  and energy inevitably exceed the actual quantity necessary for survival – today. There are no free meals. Nothing is for free.

The more middle men, the more villains or helpers involved in the trade, the fare minimum required in the bargain for survival is amplified. Survival is exposed to manipulation. This manipulation around an imagined or illusory fear of the abyss gives those in positions of power the opportunity to hoard. In cowardice, these individuals collect this excess to their advantage. They ensure their own safety and their own advantage and pleasure. 

This true mechanism is masked by a thick layer of arrogance and vanity among these manipulators. They even create a narrative among the manipulated to celebrate their service to the minions. The minions, the manipulated, retain their dignity by acting as if they have no choice, like victims actually pretending to be sheep – possums. 

A true crisis or trauma will expose the reality that the minions actually have the power, just lack the perspective and wisdom to put their power into action, to level the playing field dominated by the manipulators, by the hierarchy.

This excess is accumulated by the elite, those at the top of the hierarchy. Fear in human beings underly their trading (buying and selling) for the dream of security. Systems of knowledge based on logic promise security. The more complex the system the more people tend to believe it.

This dormant well is beyond our understanding today. We are just now facing the potential of the divide, this crisis between the haves and have nots. This well is actually a portal to the infinite. The mind can’t grasp infinity and feels inadequate. Gaze down into a well, you have no idea how deep it is or what lies at the bottom, it’s a bottomless black hole. In actuality, maybe today metaphorically, it invokes the primal fear of the feminine. Historically it is traced in archetypal form to witch-hunts that took place across Europe during the Middle Ages and from such humanity’s vulnerability to a deep paranoia is born — our minds see UFO’s, conspiracies, ghosts, gods, archetypal patterns and aliens rather than reality. We put blame on others, aim fault and blame. We even fear someone else has more knowledge than we have in our bodies ourself which  they can use to control us – when we’re already blind to the controlling in the very moment. This true source of the fear is within. But human beings project it onto others, people and phenomena.

Systematized religion, economics and education attempt to create the feeling of collective security for the people on our planet. This deep fear moves into the background when people are encouraged to get involved, to participate in an organized system. 

The also presents in greed, the urge to create more and more wealth. Greed is also rooted in our fear of inadequacy. Our pattern has been to escape fear through excess in the material realm, rather than turning inward to the source of the discomfort itself. No amount of material wealth can make us feel secure since fear is rooted in the physical structure of our body.

The mind is not intended to travel everywhere. Human beings eventually look inward into the deepest fear, the fear of the void. When we gather our courage and make that leap, we will discover something wonderful. This abyss we imagine is not empty and cold. It is indeed in its own time warm, inviting, loving, bursting with light, wonder – calling for us as if “where have you been and what took you so long?”


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  1. Sash Avatar

    Good piece. Do you know Jake Jackson of FreedomProject2020? Check out and support real action for real change:


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