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Certainty in the Future

The supernatural potential of the dark empty well of humanity is available to the collective in the times of collective crisis. The irony is this quality is unavailable to the command of the collective or its hierarchy, the elite or ego-driven minions, populous joiners. Throughout history only a few with humility or most likely their own inability to harvest anything useful in peaceful times from this well – perhaps a few masters, artists and mystics have stumbled across this obscure quality to give a few just a glimpse, a glimmer of hope.

In these casual capitalist driven times such occasional exposure of greater potential threatens the collective. The survival program with it’s background frequency protects it’s sacred cows, it’s priests, top echelon, the industries that feed the masses, offer relief from pain and guide the narrative, the storyline of an underlying sense of safety in the collective.

Exposure of our true potential causes the hierarchy to deepen the shadow in which their power resides, in the illusion of the fears and weaknesses the majority of mankind refuses to face. And why face these fears if it’s not truly a time of crisis? If the end is years or generations away, why get all up in a sweat?

But, what if the news got out that the abyss were not as bad as legend said it was? Would the collective’s hierarchy be threatened? Would it be ‘Game Over’?

And then the minions, the joiners who conform but don’t actually enjoy all the benefits of the top one percent of the hierarchy, the aspiring – they double the darkness of the shadow, that veil over our true potential. The shame and guile of those conforming entities, the people overcome by addiction, vanity and pride – they deepen the pit, the hold this quality has over mankind.

Look into the history of our geology beneath the surface of the earth. Climates have been changing for millions of years. Look around the surface of the earth. Past collective efforts have left their legacy in what we call archeology or ruins. Somehow we’ve managed to survive and also forget.

Absent the greater vision, a perspective of cycles repeating in the history, the evolution of mankind’s consciousness, a crisis can certainly look and feel like the end. It may even be the cusp of the abyss at the root of all human fears.

Crisis triggers a frequency that binds people together as in times of war, tragedy and observably after a natural disaster. Triggered by crisis, groups shift – from individuals acting as sheep who refuse to take responsibility – to morph into individuals acting in concert with each other innately knowing and using their unique gifts and heightened clarity to overcome odds and perform feats rarely seen outside of crisis. This dormant power is rooted in communion and service, necessary for survival at its fundamental core. 

As humanity progresses to push the limits in this current cycle by exploring new facets of consciousness – with exponentially greater numbers and technology – what looks to us as destruction and demise will inevitably trigger a more collective declaration of crisis. A few are already raising the flag.

Triggered by crisis, orchestrated by a greater plan, perhaps a grand experiment, this dormant quality will urge the collective to disperse, empowering individuals to face their illusory fears, reach practical solutions, to understand and utilize their full power to free themselves from the hold these self-imposed limitations have held over them.

Once we realize we’ve been holding ourselves back, we’ll recover from the shock of seeing ourselves as minions of the hierarchy, forgive ourselves and forgive each other. We will realize it really wasn’t our fault or our illusion anyway – it was wired into us for that phase of the experiment. It was a necessary step to learn and see how to go forward. So, then we will all slowly shed our projected blame, realize our full potential and cease looking to external authority – be free of internal self-judgement, bias and limited perspective of ourselves – we can relax and stop counting heads and worrying for the future. It will be.

So, no it will not be too late. But we’ll have to find a new narrative. Story may actually no longer be required as we access innate knowledge. Who knows what we’ll find exciting in this new era with the abyss exposed as an illusion and our true potential revealing stories that have never been told or considered possible. With such an absence of greed, malice or hierarchy throttling the levers of our mastery much of our entertainment, education and patterns, values and characters could become obsolete. Can anyone truly imagine themself in this future and allow themself to fantasize about going back in time to be a king or a queen, a town drunk or a slave? Would that be awkward?


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