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“FAIRS are only for chickens …”, she said.

By and large we collectively approach each moment under a causal assumption. Our human nature adheres to some personal responsibility for each new moment in our lives. To consider such as untrue, perhaps construe it as arrogance, is confusing for most. For those who are able to suspend their rush to judgement, may see such consideration as insanity before they rush back to the safety offered by the constitution.

On the surface here in the USA, 350 million humans bask in the bio-form of the planet Earth which also offers residence to 7,650 MILLION other human beings. From afar, the appeal of democracy ripples across the biosphere. The closer we step into our lives, our focus shifts. Do we really have to be red or blue, liberal or conservative, or for this or that – to be? To inhabit this piece of the bio-form called the USA?

From afar, democracy speaks to the individual. The constitution, or concept thereof, penetrates deep to our core. “We’re all created equal.” “We have rights.” “We can be anything we aspire to be” … with “work” of course. “We have intrinsic self-worth and value!”

Short of actually living the American dream, there’s an implication of fairness that comes with democracy. An underlying premise, a background current that fuels a vibe of fairness that “should” underlay each step we take into the future. It screams “fairness”. Whether it actually exists or not within the borders marked by our armies and maps, well that’s another matter. For now, accept that the “hierarchy” may be happy with you if you accept the concept because it’s what eases tension. It’s what many most likely want to believe.

Of course, everything is relative. The grass is indeed sometimes greener over there, across the fence, than the grass is back home. Given today’s mental constructs, such a statement may not deepen the point as we’ve abandoned our bodies for the mind and the grass for the imaginings made possible by technology in social media.

Nonetheless, expectations lurk near, just around the corner, of every “should” . The less we notice, are unaware of their operation, the easier things may seem. Of course disruptions, those exceptions always draw some attention to examine how things are really working, to ensure the children are really safe.

Conduct your investigation. It doesn’t matter why or if you know why. Curiosity can be Divine or divine. Looking deeper can be fueled by mystery, or seemingly a spawn of disruption, or even heartache, disappointment, loss or trauma. But, this time, notice the “should’s”. Shine a light on them and they may offer a glimpse, a mirror, they may even reflect or be an actual framework – the skeleton of your directed attention, your focus, your preferences and desires, your needs and wants, underlying what can seem at times a drunken clown behind your decision making process – if you take the time to see into that space behind your veil, into your operating system that is pulling the strings.

Noticing these structures, you may even try to walk back into them. Dare to look behind the curtain. Pull back the veil to peer into the sacred room once reserved for priests and mystics. It’s easy, but since one’s identities and rule systems may be shaken, our bodies don’t always like our flashlights. The hierarchy of the program may very well get exposed and blow the cover of sacred cows. No need for alarm however. Best I can tell this is a healing space after all the illusions fade away and you learn to relax into rather than fight it.

Truths and unlabeled energies hover in chaos in that other space that even defies the confines of being contained in a room. Such is the vastness of this dark matter outside the illusion we hold as the room with the curtain. I don’t believe we meet there alone. I’m so curious to find others who may wish to join me there.

… and bless her heart! The title statement slipped from the mouth of the new widow of a dear friend of mine. Fortunately for me, hopefully for others as well, beauty and dignity and all the best and honorable values with which we operate are not contingent upon such a background. Altruistic, it may be, that we could define such ourselves should we so dare and choose.


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2 responses to ““FAIRS are only for chickens …”, she said.”

  1. Cynn Avatar

    Lovely analytical-cum-rhetoric piece! Covered highly charged subjects in a calm neutral way. thanks.


    1. Mark Roach Avatar

      You’re welcome, Cynn. All the best!


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