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The Golden List: What You Want – Ignoring the Puppet Master

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In my 20’s I recognized my inability to know what I really wanted. 

I’d been achieving everything on my list. I was miserable. My life was in chaos. In my arrogance, I demanded of myself that things immediately change, which made matters worse. I began looking for a new list, a golden list aligned with a calling, my authentic purpose, which in those days seemed to be the elusive problem. 

I was to learn over the next three decades that this larger problem, the making of this golden list, would require me to relax and heighten my awareness of what was happening in my body, in nature and how things operate around me, to finally see the foundation I was looking to build upon and make that golden list.

I’d been using multiple powerful mental techniques to master trendy educational and business topics. Actually, I was unconsciously using other parts of myself when I was relaxed, picking up patterns so easily and passing the tests and applying them practically in work which vaulted me through school and the corporate world. 

I’d been virtually a semi-profession athlete and half-raised by Native American Indians, so my connection to nature and body called for examination. I’d been in the flow in athletics and in nature – which seemed a component of a fuzzy puzzle – a missing piece. 

“Why was it so difficult in the the mental worlds we had created at the office and later online, around our capitalism, professions, and churches – to be completely satisfied and happy?”, I asked myself.  You may wonder if Artificial Intelligence could do it any better. That’s a topic for another day, but if you read on, you’ll doubt putting more mind to problems it creates in the first place is a highly unlikely, impossible platform for the solution to emerge.

Ancient systems contain the missing components. Many systems developed in the Far-East have now been studied by skeptics of Western ways, to see through this maze. Scientific efforts in neuroscience, psychology and biology are revealing their own isolated deficits and confirming findings that underlay works of Gurdjieff, Jung, accounts of Christ, archeology and the chain of psychology and business thought that have exploded over the past half century.

Simple methods exist to tap into your own inner authority to help you direct your own life and build your own golden list. Such does not totally preclude using the mind or brain. In the bigger picture it’s important to recognize mind/brain is important but not solely in charge of you or what’s happening in your life.

The puppet masters of society, advertisers and exploitive forces today more than ever with the explosion of technology are counting on the mind to expand their hold over mankind. When we put the mind/brain on the pedestal, we loose sight of our humanity, connection to our fellow man, the best hope we have for our children and mankind in the generations ahead.

It’s possible to bypass the mind by natural methods, i.e, without using narcotics, alcohol or plants.  Just as the athlete makes an incredible move, maybe passes the ball to someone outside their field of vision, you see an example of our ability to operate well outside the possibility our puppet masters would have us believe limit our ability to know, to live outside the patterns they lay down for us.

Now this turn to reconnect with your power, your inner authority does require some effort. I can’t do it for you. It does require that you invest in yourself with time and focus. Of course, as I see it, the easier carnival ride is the mind. Transparency may continue to fuel chaos and division to the point of potential demise and destruction, but I’m not a prophet or selling a platform, creating a new book or TV series. I’m just feeling called to share from the depth of my wide life experience that spans the globe laced with cross-culture influence, a wide spectrum of socio-economic perspectives, psychology and body-work. I’ve probably omitted a few modalities,but as Moran Cerf, ironically a “mind hack expert” told me on a Zoom call, “Wow, Mark. That’s just about everything in life!”

As the interests make themself known, I’m willing to continue to unfold that path, make it known. But as some wise elders have pointed out to me recently, I may be barking up the wrong tree, provoking or just angering or alienating the wrong crowd. Or the time may not be to far away, just not today, when there is a real practical need for this deeper understanding of ourselves and how we can make our own decisions based on our unique constitutions to ensure the best for our lives and the future generations.


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    Well written Mark, and I’m so much


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      Thank you


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      Thanks. Your response was cut short …


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