Brutal Inquiry

I’m questioning my sanity today. As I step back, it may be more fair to say I’m examining my self-view. Has it grown? Or is it dormant and just a carryover from my childhood years ago? How fresh and valid is my perspective on life and how things work and how people operate? It seemsContinue reading “Brutal Inquiry”

The Ongoing Saga of “My” Life in Art

Interesting download this morning that felt like writing to the collective – so here we are. Initially it seemed like nothing new … Reality is not what you see on TV or in social media. It’s not what’s presented. It’s what happens. Sometimes what happens is contrived. In fact, more often that not, it’s safeContinue reading “The Ongoing Saga of “My” Life in Art”

Perspective: The Firehose of Life

It’s amazing how the perspective into which a person is born – pervades, lingers, exists. It’s almost as if it carries a life, a story all it’s own that needs a biological expression. Sometimes it pervades a person’s entire lifetime if not caught, realized, or exposed earlier in life. That stream occupies all of theContinue reading “Perspective: The Firehose of Life”

The Wise. The Foolish. The Ugly. – An Introduction to Character Work

I woke suddenly last night. A billboard was essentially flashing in my psyche that it’s time to share this inner work. It’s deeply personal. Possibly creative. For me it’s always been necessary. It’s been confusing. It’s jeopardized aspects of my life that most people would not allow to be known or seen. But it feelsContinue reading “The Wise. The Foolish. The Ugly. – An Introduction to Character Work”

Origins of Bias and Preferences: Cheering on the Minions!

The word “minion” just doesn’t sound too attractive. The first time I heard it I had no idea what it meant. However, if you’re anything like me, I look into how a word is said more than the Webster definition. The circumstance and context said more than the Webster to me. Minion noun – min·​ionContinue reading “Origins of Bias and Preferences: Cheering on the Minions!”

Lightning Strikes: Pure Beauty in the Moment

What do you, or can you, bring back from those in between moments? That space between life and death. That moment you know an ideal you held has been broken, at least momentarily you realize it, and then life never seems to be the same. A series of shocks over my lifetime grants an interestingContinue reading “Lightning Strikes: Pure Beauty in the Moment”

Consumer Reports: My Favorite Brands … Geico! Really?

I’m upset. I’m no “whistleblower”. In fact, I have contempt for the premise around that word. It implies a fairness or equality or level playing field that does not exist in nature – or this world. I’ve not been an easy person to nickname. Most just called me by my last name – ROACH –Continue reading “Consumer Reports: My Favorite Brands … Geico! Really?”

A Question of Sincerity

Since childhood I have wondered if others are really telling the truth or if such a singular truth even exists. Was there actually one unified theory. Everything seemed so situational. People seemed unique and trying to act homogenous or conforming. It wasn’t genuine. What about that creator, the “Great I AM” that has thoughts so farContinue reading “A Question of Sincerity”