Film Media Writing


Kandy’s Room (Short Indy Film on Amazon Prime)
Nana’s Secret Recipe (Feature Indy Film on Amazon Prime)
The Shah’s Granddaughter – Theatrical Screenplay (available on Amazon/Kindle/Audible)

Leila, a young Houston attorney, is imprisoned by the psychic powers of her hair dresser and falls into addiction at the hands of her stylist’s drug dealing boyfriend as Leila is desperate to escape her abusive husband and the traps of her culture and family.

Having grown up with limits of gender bias and cult-like control, Leila recklessly broke away from her old life to claim her independence – tossing the veil and fleeing her physically abusive husband. However, Leila discovers she’s in great danger exposed to the criminal underground in Houston taking refuge with her hair dresser while hiding from her family.

Leila crosses paths with Mark, a truth seeker also struggling to come into his own. These two risk everything to find a better life during a passionate twenty-four hour rendezvous in the midst of hard-core criminal activity, desperation, sex and violence.

Meat Suit – Theatrical Screenplay (available on Amazon/Kindle)

You can take the boy out of the Ozarks, but you can’t take the Ozarks out of the boy.   Follow an aspiring man’s quest to resolve the mystery cast over him early in the evolution of his consciousness.  A journey through the American psyche, fighting a battle he’s fit to survive, but ill equipped to win on anyone’s terms but his own.  His Spirit Quest is a life in the Meat Suit.