The 1/3 Investigator/Tester Profile

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 1/3 Profile - Right Angle - The Investigator/Tester
 (from Steve Rhodes - The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu)
 Behavioral identity: Investigator
 Projected attitude: Authoritarian
 Limited perspective: Empathy
 Aspired-to-role: Creativity
 Bonding strategy: Pursuer/Pursued
 Security strategy: Self-Provider/Coveter
 Nature: Martyr
 Type: Anarchist
 Memory: Pessimism
 Direction: Sustainment
 Sexuality: Bonds made and broken
 Humanity: Bonds made and broken

 If it wasn't for 1/3 people, there wouldn't be a place to start. It sets the story. It is the foundation, finding out what the basis of the Hexagram is. If you want to know what the essence of any Hexagram is, you only have to look at its 1st Line. It will give you its basis, its foundation. At the same time, the 1st Line is the chameleon. They have this ability to disappear, to go inward, be introspective and not be bothered. They can be in a crowd, yet in their own space and nobody notices them. 

 It's all about the investigation and trying to find out what things are. The 1st Line is trying to say: "This is it." But it has the 3rd Line underneath, which is very different. It's the anarchist, and it says: "Wait, wait!" They are able to realize when there is something missing or faulty and then their unconscious 3rd Line takes over and tears down the foundation to build a new one. This is what makes evolution possible. There is nothing more self-absorbed than a 1/3. They spend a great deal of time in their lives trying to get to the bottom of things. They are really into their thing. But it will never be enough. It is never solid enough; there's always something wrong with the foundation. There is always the need in them to do something about it. On the surface, which is their Personality, they are the Investigator. Absorbed. Underneath is the nature that's in their blood: the Tester. So you have the combination of the Investigator/Tester. There is this Tester always waiting to tear things down if there is anything wrong with the foundation.

 The projected attitude of the 1st Line is: I’m the boss, I’m the authority." If the foundation isn't solid, they don't feel like an authority, which can lead to inferiority complexes and fears of inadequacy. On the unconscious level, they are an anarchist. The 1st Line says: "This is true." Then the anarchist finds out it isn't and says: 'Tm going to tear all that down." The anarchist recognizeswhat doesn't work. They don't know what can replace it, but they will destroy it if it doesn't work so that something new can emerge. They are a very powerful force, and they can be incredibly honorable beings. If they see something doesn't work, they are not going to pay lip-service to it. Their personal destiny is to find a foundation that is solid in order to be at peace.

 The 1st Line is empathic only to a certain point. They would like to know if somebody knows something about the founda­tion that they don't, but that's all. When you go to the 3, they are driven by pessimism. If anything is wrong, it becomes a very heavy thing. The aspired-to role is creativity. They can be very creative in making the foundation work. Before they tear it down, they try to fix it first. Out of that, they can be very crea­tive. At the unconscious level, you have sustainment. Nothing is more impressive. Every time you kick them, they get right up again. They are designed for trial and error. They look incredibly courageous because they say: "I know this isn't going to work, but I'll try it anyway!" This sustainment is an extremely power­ful force for them. They do not give up and they can be radical.
 They will stay with it and are not going to be deeply influenced by others. This is a powerful personal destiny. Everybody is saying: "You really don't have to do it!" But they go up there and do it again.

 The bonding strategy of the 1st Line is that they are the one pursuing, or they have to be pursued. It's the caveman sexual strategy; to whack a woman over the head and drag her to a cave. "There it is, and I want it!" They marry more often, and they get divorced more often. After all, the 3 comes out underneath. Bonds made and broken, therefore many 1/3 people will have a real bad marriage record. They get into it only to find out that it's not what they thought it was. It's because of the 3-trial and error. It's a discovery process. Because it's bonds made and broken, it doesn't mean they burn their bridges. It can be bonds made and broken, and made again.

 There's going to be a lot of disruptions and disappointments in their early sexuality and when they meet the other as a 1/3. The 3'd Lines are not good at it, and the 1st Lines are really self­ absorbed. The only way somebody comes into their way is by banging into them. "Oh, I didn't know you were standing there!"

 Without 1/3s, there would be no evolution. They mix a po­tion thinking that they going to produce bubble gum, and they end up producing medicine. Out of that trial and error can come out all kinds of wonderful discoveries. You should always intro­duce 1/3 children to something that is solid in order for them not to develop early pessimism. They also need to be encour­aged if they see things that don't work, or otherwise they end up with all kinds of suppressed anger. They can be very social and love to be with people to take advantage of whatever is there for their own purpose. They love to have something to do.

 A 1/3 doesn't know that there is anybody out there for them. It's part of the lower Trigram with both numbers. They don't have any real social skills. The only way people come into their life is by bumping into them. You cannot go looking for them. It isn't going to work, which is actually nice for them. That way they can be totally involved in their foundation work.

 The security strategy for them is to provide for oneself. Always make sure you pay a 1/3 so they can be providers for themselves. They don't want to be dependent on others to do their thing. If you don't allow them to be a self-provider, they are go­ing to break their bond with you. If you tell them you are going to look after them, they are not going to be happy. They move from one thing to the other (3rd Line process). They are not going to stay with anything too long. There are no mistakes, they are just geometries. The breaking bond process is not unhealthy. They have to understand this. No reason to be overwhelmed by pessimism. If you have a 3rd Line, you have to see it takes you 40 years to finally have accumulated enough trial and error material to be stable and comfortable in the way you live in the world. Featured Post

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