Triple Split Definition

Hello and welcome to the Mechanics of the Maia to Definition. And today we’re going to take a look at the triple split definition. Now the triple split definition is a minority in terms of the general population that is single definitions or around 40 percent split definition simple split definitions two aspects separate from each other are about 45 percent. It’s about 85 percent of humanity most of the rest of that is made up of triple splits. Quadruple splits are the rarest and they’re around a percentage of the population.


But when we’re dealing with triple splits there is a deep misunderstanding when people come into human design and begin to understand the way in which definitions work and particularly the way in which split definitions work. When you learn about split definitions or if you are a split definition, you’re told about the power of the bridges, how important they are for you, those bridges that can connect those aspects of your split together. Those are the most powerful conditioning forces in your life. And also, something that in that sense, haunts your process because you really truly cannot fulfill what is your purpose without that other, without those bridges.  The assumption of a triple split is that somehow, that they’re [00:02:07] supposed to be like that, in other words constantly looking for a way in which they can find the perfect bridges to bring their triple split together. Well, there isn’t such a thing.

I mean the triple split definition has more in common with the single definition than they do with the split definition and what they have in common with the single definition is it rather than being deeply conditioned by the bridges, they are much more conditioned by the open centers in their design, and given that we’re talking about triple splits, and there’s a minimum of six defined centers involved in any triple split. At minimum, that those open centers in the triple split are usually few and they take on incredible power.

You see the dilemma for the triple split definition is that they can never feel whole through the bridges that can be provided because there is no true fixed way in which that would be correct for them. Take a look at a triple split chart and the moment you look at that you will see that there are there are endless numbers of ways in which those three areas can be joined together. Endless numbers of ways. It’s not like you’re a split definition and you’ve got one hanging gate and all you need is a gate activated at the other end and everything’s pulled together. The fact is for a triple split there are numerous of ways in which those various components of them that are fixed can finally be aligned. Now think about it.


The dilemma for the triple split definition is that you have three different parts of you that work autonomously, they do. Those three different parts each have their [00:04:07] own agenda. Whatever that agenda happens to be, whether it is to be emotional or whether it is to you know, cleanse your system, or whether it is your ego, that has something to do. What they don’t have in common is a mutual way in which they are comfortable by any fixing that brings the three of them together.

So, for the triple split, the answer is never simply the other. They’re not going to fulfill their purpose through the other, does not mean that the other is not there for them in this life. The other is there for all of us, but it is a very different connection. When you come to human design, the first thing I hope in that sense that you learn is that human design is about decision making is how you make a decision as yourself and everything about human design is that that decision making is something bypasses your mind. That is, it bypasses the mind that is so deeply conditioned. It opens up the possibility for you to be able to operate correctly as yourself. The decision-making process for the triple split is unique. It’s unique to them. It is the only way in which they can successfully process any kind of possibility in their life regardless of their definition, regardless of whether there are emotional or not, or generators or manifesters, or projectors, whatever it may be.

The most important thing for the triple split is to find a way time as their ally to be able to be in environments where they can process in a multitude of ways.

Think about it this way, somebody calls [00:06:07] you up on the phone or Skypes you, or whatever the case may be, and has some kind of thing for you. Before you make any decision about that the most important thing to do is, in that moment, you cannot afford to make a decision. You can’t. There are three aspects to you. And even if that decision is perhaps something that is correct for you, if there is only one aspect of you that is involved in that decision making, it will never work out. It won’t.

See, the whole thing about being a triple split definition is that you always need to have a consensus and I consensus that brings together those three areas. You cannot do it consciously. But you can take advantage mechanically of the human environment.

You see this triple split has to move, and what I mean by that is that there has to be in every day of their life, there has to be those opportunities to move through the public aura, the public aura. The public aura is an enormous benefit to the triple split. The public aura has no agenda, other than the underlying, you know trans-auric process, there is no specific agenda. Nobody in that casual stranger crowd, you know, has anything relative to you in that sense that it wants to be able to impact you.

Think about it, as a triple split, you know when you’re with somebody and they hook up your triple split. They’re simply hooking you up in one of many thousands of different ways and I mean thousands of thousands and thousands of different ways that you can be connected. You’re never going [00:08:07] to fully trust that no matter that, there is this sense of you know, wholeness in that moment that is in many cases illusionary because of course, the only thing that is holding it together is a very fine line of connection. But there are so many other possibilities. So many other possibilities.

The answer for the triple split is not in the bridges. It isn’t. You know, it’s not in getting locked into one frame or another. It is about fluidity. You go into a public place. You sit down, walk through, whatever the case may be. Don’t have to be there long. It’s not like you have to be there and think about things. You don’t. But it has to be part of your daily flow, because it’s a way and that process, even if it’s five minutes in public transport or you know, five minutes in a supermarket, that what that does is opens up many, many, different ways in which the three aspects of your design can come together. Out of that comes the readiness for decision-making, the readiness for it.

You see, to be a triple split is to understand the complexity of one’s process and to honor it and it’s a very simple thing to do. It’s about making sure that you do not isolate yourself. For the triple split, isolation is a difficult, difficult, thing. You know, it is nice. It makes it exceedingly hard for them to be able to put together the kinds of resources they need in order to deal with things correctly. Now obviously, if you are triple split in your emotional and half of all triple [00:10:07] split definitions are emotional, you have the added advantage in a sense of the demands of emotionality that you wait anyway. The most difficult is going to be for the triple split manifesting generators and manifesters. You know with this urge to act on one aspect of their design. And it leads to Folly. It leads to pain.


Now let’s think about the conditioning for the moment. If you’re a triple split and you only have two centers open, those two centers of configuration, that is common in triple split surround, you know, seven activations on average and you have to open centers on average those centers take on enormous conditioning power. They just do. In the same way that they take on that enormous conditioning power in the single definition, that triple split, those two open centers depending what they are, is what so deeply frames the way in which their mind has been making decisions for them in their life.

You know there you are a triple split and you have an open splenic system if your spleen is opened the not-self strategy of the open spleen is to hold on to things that are not good for it. And so, you end up with a mind that is going to hold on to something that one aspect of you, you know has connected to a no matter what that brings you to matter what Misfortune that puts in your way. There’s a part of you that is still holding on to it. Because you don’t know how to let go because you cannot see what is not good for you, because your mind is distorted by your conditioning. [00:12:08]

It doesn’t matter what those open centers are, they will frame the way the not-self mind works. The great risk for the triple split definition is not so much that they act on one aspect, the most common is that they act on a bridge between two of their three aspects, and they act on that bridge, and there is this dangling third aspect, and it just floats there, and it needs to be integrated. Because if it’s not integrated, over time it creates friction. It creates tension.

You see the triple split needs to simply move through the public aura as a way of cleansing their system. It’s a cleansing. It just washes everything through, opens up all the possibilities to integrate those three aspects of their nature, and then all they need to do is rely on what is their core strategy. It’s only then they begin to live out the power of what it is to be a triple split. I mean it’s so interesting when you think about the inner process of anyone that is defined in such a way.


Definition in and of itself is an extraordinary thing, because it is the life force. It’s the life force. It’s the life force that is at work within us, so different from the reflector where the life force comes from the outside. This Is the Life Force within the triple split definition has these three very distinct life forces and you cannot just lock them together. They each have their unique Integrity in the process. And you see for the Triple split [00:14:08] to truly be a holistic being to be able to live the beauty of their holistic life. They need to balance the way in which they connect with the other.

You know, you look at the split definition they lock onto and hold on to the bond, because the bond is everything. It brings them what they do not have and what they need for their wholeness. But there is no such thing in the way in which the triple split definition has its connection to the other being. It isn’t a dependency at all. Which opens up the possibilities for very awake and open relationships.

The fact is that the triple split definition always needs to find their truth outside of their reality, you know, outside of the fixed bonds they’re going to have with parents, lovers, children, you name it, because that’s not where their concepts ultimately and the way in which they’re going to look at the nature of their life and is can be framed. It cannot, not because those others cannot provide what is possibly of value, but because the way in which they would provide by locking the triple split into fixed lines of connection ultimately only brings friction, only brings the sense that there’s more, there’s other ways of looking at this and why am I locked in here?

See, the freedom to be your own authority is the greatest freedom of all. I mean, it is in essence the only real freedom. When you’re operating according to your own authority, you get at least your life and you get what is correct [00:16:08] for you in that process.


See, the authority and a triple split is a decision-making process that has not been propagandized, that hasn’t been fixed, that hasn’t been rooted in fixedness. Because in so many ways they are, you know, amorphous beings, they’re not here to have all of these things fixed all the time. It does not work. What works is when they have that opportunity to be able to find that connection between these forces that are within them, within environments that are neutral, in order to be able to you know withstand what it is to be in all kinds of various bonds that we have in this life.

Triple split definitions are very different. You know, they’re often described as being ambitious. And yet it is something to grasp within that context that they are movers, in that sense. You know there they are deeply connected to the whole material hierarchical plane because of their connections, the multitude of connections that they take in through their various ways in which their split works.

Think about how profound that you can be as a triple. For those of you watching, who are a triple split, think about how extraordinary this is. You know, I talk about the emotional system. I talked about a wave in which you sample. Through the wave, the sampling through the wave, gives you all of these possibilities of depth in terms of what you really feel. It is all basically sampling process. Here you are with these three very defined areas within you [00:18:08] and there are many ways that they can be connected to each other. And there are many ways, ways that all three can be connected. There are many ways that just the two can be connected. There are all of these possibilities. In every single one of them, are bringing information, all of them are bringing information. The various possibilities of the information, in the relationship between this area and that area. It is where the depth is for the Triple split. It’s where the beauty is.

What did Miles Davis say, “the mystery of music is the sound between the notes.” This is what the triple split is all about, all of these multitudes of ways in which their aspects could be connected to each other is a plethora of information, incredible amounts of information. See there’s wisdom ultimately derived out of such a configuration, if they can be themselves. You know as much as patience is the great keynote for emotionality, it is also the great keynote for being a triple split. Patience, you know, in that patience is about not feeling compelled in any fixed moment to make any decision at all. You know, this is the whole thing about the flow of what it is to be a triple split and the fact that as a triple split, if you don’t get all of those different connections, then you don’t really have enough information to make a decision. And you know it. And you know it and you see the more aware you are of this. The more you take [00:20:08] advantage of it how much easier it’s going to be for you to have a very, very, clear sense of what you’re here for. You know, don’t get caught in the trap of the split definitions. Don’t you worry about which gates are going to connect up which centers or if they’re all connected or they’re not connected, because it honestly doesn’t make a difference. It’s not about your relationship with the other. It’s about your relationship with you.

You know your relationship with the other is a matter of your strategy and authority, but your decision-making process. This is about you your decision-making process, is something that can only derive from this recognition that there are all these things that you need to process. Even if they are magically invisible to you. You need to process them. It takes time. It takes time in the sense that it takes the discipline to say, wait. You know, go take a walk down the street, go into the crowded area, you know go into a place where there’s just auras. You know and just enjoy being wherever you are. As I said, it’s not like you have to go there and start thinking about things, you don’t it’s not the point.

See these things that are within us, all of these mechanisms that are within us, you know, the very profound, the very sophisticated, they do incredible work. Do you know, when they’re connected, they’re processing whether you’re aware of it or not, they’re processing like mad. And this area of your split and that area split are communicating with each other through the variations that are there. [00:22:11] Slowly but surely in this kind of public environment all the information that is derived from each of these areas is moving through to each of the other areas. And it’s the only way in which this takes place naturally. You know, so this is not for those that want to be isolationist. Locked away. Because it is something so important to grasp. You see, you can be so fooled by conditioning. Everyone can be fooled by conditioning. You can be deeply fooled by bridges, the assumption in any given moment that they seem to be of value. You see this is the whole thing about the triple split. They’re not here to be seduced by a hanging gate. This is not what you’re about. It’s not.

You’re here to go to school where you see the whiteness in your design. You look at your open centers. This is what your whole life is going to be about. This is where your challenge is and the only way in which you are going to be able to meet that challenge as you meet it as yourself.

Because you see for the general, not-self triple split, not only are they not acting according to their type and their strategy and their authority and all of those things, but they’re constantly locking themselves into connections that ultimately disturb them, because they don’t know how to go in, they don’t know how to be there, they don’t know how to stay there.  You see, once you understand your own nature, once you begin to act according to what [00:24:11] is correct for you, you begin to derive the benefits that come from it.

See, there’s a great deal of fixedness in you. I mean, after all you have three very, you know, defined zones. You’re a very fixed being. You’re a very fixed being constantly trying to align all of that together to find that holistic fixedness. That’s you. That’s you. And it’s easy to do that. You just have to make sure that you wash your aura every day. That’s what you do you go out into an aura environment and you wash that aura. You know, it’s like the apple a day that keeps the doctor away. Well, you wash your aura every day and you’ll see makes an enormous difference in the way in which you take in anything.

See there is a very profound cry for freedom that is there in the triple split. You know to be able to assess things themselves without being dependent. All splits are tormented by the illusion that dependencies are going to be the answer for them. And it isn’t, is never the answer. You know anything that you are going to be whole with you first have to be whole within yourself. It’s very easy, like everything else that’s in human design for a triple split definition, to be able to operate in a way that is healthy and productive for them, without feeling like they’re all over the place, without feeling like that, they don’t really have [00:26:11] a center, because it’s there. You know. And given the fact that we are an overpopulated species to begin with, I don’t imagine it’s all that difficult to find the casual auric environment on any given day. But it’s as simple and profound a medicine for the triple split as anything you’re ever going to get in your life.

You follow your strategy and authority, understand that those white centers that you have. You know, from the moment you meet this knowledge, that’s what you have to confront. First you have to confront, it is the deep conditioning force in your life. It’s what’s driving your mind. And when you can see that, when you can grasp that that is a great liberation, because it really opens up the possibility for you to honor what is your strategy and authority. Remember you need time, time in the sense that you need to process your aura before you do anything. You need to cleanse it. You need to prepare yourself whether that is a momentary thing or not is not the point, but it’s the precursor to any decision. Get the information first, process it in a public aura, and then and then you can be correct and the way in which you deal with anything.

So, remember, you’re not a split, you know. Don’t be confused by that. And the other thing to recognize, I guess the final thing really in that sense to recognize, it’s only when those three aspects find a way of communicating with each other, that they each get to live out their true potential, because after all, [00:28:11] all of it is you. I mean, you know, we talked about it like God’s these triple splits in they’re all over the place. But in fact, you know, it’s obviously all you and everything about the nature of being is about our behavior. If you know how to act in this life as a triple split, you’re going to save yourself a lot of grief, and you’re going to save yourself a lot of psychological anxiety. It’s very simple. Truly, it is.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that and until next time bye for now.

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