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All right. Hello and welcome to all of you on this our last day of this event and you know, it’s the end of a ride. It’s an interesting thing for me. When I first was introduced to the kinds of things that people were involved in, the kinds of trips they were into in terms of the way they learn things from teachers, masters, gurus, whatever the case may be, that there was all this philosophizing going on and I always enjoyed the fact that I’m a mechanic. I like being a mechanic. I like dealing with, you know, concrete things that you can look at and you can work with and out of that you can discover essential truths. I’m fundamentally a teacher, and that way that is, I teach mechanics. And it is what Human Design is all about. Yet at the same time, there’s certain things that mechanically you can’t talk about, you can’t do with just the spirit of what it is to be human being. It is.

You know part and parcel of my process is not so much to have experienced what happened to me and the way in which my life was transformed, and the work that I’ve done and the work with people whose lives have been transformed. It’s about living in this world. It’s about seeing what it takes to be a survivor on this plane. And it is about understanding the power of conditioning to take away and strip away the possibility that a human being can have to really be able to enjoy what it is to be us. It’s something that I find, well, sad in a way. [00:02:01]

I look at a body graph and I see nothing but potential. I’m not a fool. I know that I’m looking at potential and yet the potential is there. It’s not like, you know, you need to have some special gift, you know, to realize that potential. You don’t, but you do have to have something. It’s that most human beings, that I’m me in this process. So many of them have always known that they were different and didn’t like it, didn’t like it because of the consequences of what happens to you when you’re different, and all the pressure that arises in trying to get you to conform to whatever is there to be conformed to. Now, I may be a radical and I may be a heretic, and I don’t even think that’s maybe. I mean it is what I am. And I take great joy in watching the unraveling of this different life. Because it’s different.

Not only is it different, but it’s not something I’m responsible for. It’s the sense of responsibility that really fucks everybody. All right, you know you’re responsible for your life. You’re responsible for your decisions. You’re responsible for the consequences. Put the finger on you. Not responsible for anything. You know, if you don’t have a good time this morning, what to do, you know. We’re not responsible for anything, and yet the moment that we look at our lives, we see in the illusion of the Maya. All kinds of responsibilities, [00:04:02] all kinds of choices that are played out by the not-self, and all of these things being underwritten by the deep, deep, fear that is there. Fear that you’re going to fail. Fear that you’re going to fail on the material plane. Fear that you’re going to fail on the social plane. Fear that you’re going to fail. Fear. Fear. Fear. And, of course, the way in which the seven centered construct works, is that it says to you, you have fear, then take that fear and turn it into your competitive edge, you know. Make something of your life. Yeah, make up your mind.

See, I don’t know how to get anyone to a place in which they celebrate their own uniqueness. You don’t. I mean I can offer you mechanics that say this is the way in which, you know, you can achieve differentiation follow your strategy and authority, your dietary regimen, your environment, and all of these things. But you see the whole thing about not-being homogenizes. You don’t know where anything goes. You don’t know where it goes. You can’t. And you see unless you’re able to truly embrace what it is to be different; you’re not going to get there and all of this comes to something that is really profound about what it is to be us, what I see in human beings.

You know this enormous fear of making a mistake not getting it right, fucking up, going down the tube, not being able to impress your [00:06:02] loved ones, you know, whatever the case may be, not being able to live up to some ridiculous standards that you set for yourself that makes no sense in the first place. Being placed under such enormous social pressure that you’re willing to give up everything in order to satisfy the demands of others who truly do not care about you, or who you are, or what the consequences are for you in doing that. See, I look out and I watch all these beings that I’ve dealt with, and you know, you go through this process of putting information into them, and you wait to see what happens in that digestive process. Can you really be different? Because that’s really what it’s all about.

You know, can you really live with being different? You know, this is this is a way of life. One of the things that the mind does and it’s one of the things that distorts what happens to you in this process, is the mind says to you, there’s a place to get to. Hey, I remember when I began with this, you know explaining to people that we have to go through a seven-year deconditioning process and every time I would explain that we had to go through a seven-year deconditioning process there were always those people who would say well, what’s it like at the other end? What do we get? What do we get? I don’t know. How can I possibly know that uh-oh what’s going to happen to you at the end of those seven years, what deconditioning results in you. But I do know something that, that’s not [00:08:02] the point, the point’s the journey.

When I started teaching PHS and Rave psychology the transformation that took place in my students during those three years had very little to do in the sense with what I was teaching them. But had so much to do with what happened to them over a three-year period of constantly being reinforced in this process and living it. It’s out of that that your awareness grows. You know, this is not about okay, there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I’m going to get the pot of gold. It’s the ride. It’s the journey that this is all about. I know there’s no end to it. I’m in my fourth seven years cycle. There is no end to it. I’ll keep having cycles until I croak. This is the way that it works. It’s the process. What do you? So clear to me is that the way that I look out in the world is so different now than it was seven years ago or 14 years ago and it simply has to do with that this is the natural process. If you look at the nine centered being everything about them is 50 years of developing the material to have a really clear life. To be able to be a value to the other to enlighten the other, to be able to express true outer authority, to find communion on this plane from a place of difference. Difference.

See, human beings, killer monkeys, they are naturally [00:10:02] prejudiced. Naturally. Do you know if you’ve got a village next door to you and they have a different local crop and their shit smells different. You don’t like them. Doesn’t matter whether they’re nice, people are not, we’re killer monkeys, and built into us is all this prejudice. There’s enormous prejudice against difference, enormous prejudice against difference. In some cultures, it’s punishable by death, and not a few by the way, difference is not something that is exalted. I mean you may get the wrong impression because coming out of difference, yourself you tend to think that you know, this is something that everybody should notice is cute and you know the next best thing. It’s not. Most human beings are enormously uncomfortable when they stick out. They don’t want to stick out in the crowd. They don’t want to be different. Ask any child. It’s scary. You ask any child, and they will tell you, “no, I don’t want to be different. I want to be like Johnny and Joanie and George” and God knows who else.

You know, the only time we ever discuss differences when we happen to have the serendipity of talent. Talented people are allowed to be different. Isn’t that bizarre? You know it’s like you have to be a freak of nature and then you can be different. But you cannot be normal and different. You know, look at the [00:12:02] way we live look at the environments. We live in I have this incredible view across the street from my condom incredible view. It’s a hotel and I look at this hotel and there are rows and rows and rows and rows of windows, and in every window there’s a table in exactly the same place, with a lamp on it exactly the same place, and the curtains are opened exactly to the same degree, and you just see one on top of the other. This way human beings live. Homogenized. Constantly homogenized and we’re homogenized by all these agencies that are around us, the talking heads on television the newspapers. You name it. The web, it’s a homogenization field. You can celebrate difference, but you don’t risk it yourself because you don’t want to be at the butt end of prejudice. You don’t want to get the freak label. The weirdo label.

You know, yes, there are exceptions always there’s the weirdos who loved to be weirdos because they’re weirdos. But you see that’s not what this is about. This is about not all these not-self distinctions. It’s about what’s possible for us. And you see differences something that goes against the grain because it is fundamentally selfish. Selfish. It’s not about you spending your life looking for somebody to make it work for you. [00:14:03] It’s not about you in some false sense of humanitarianism that are going to waste your life in service to those who do not care about you. Human beings are best at abusing human beings. Goes on all over the planet.

See my concern is really about the courage necessary to be you. We are not in any environment that embraces that. We’re not. What happens to you when you enter into Human Design? First thing that happens to you when you enter into Human Design, is that you decide in that sense that your process is going to be distinguished by your body running your life and you got all these people around that everything is mind and there you are grunting, you know, whatever. Ah, you know. And you’ve got all these people with their minds up saying, “oh what a trip”, is not primitive, weird people, you know, can communicate with these people. You’re weird? Not only that, but you used to be my partner. We don’t like this. you know, it’s like the more I mean, I remember what you know from the very beginning when I did readings, they say to people look you really should sleep in your own bed”, right? George, Ross says, “You know, I’m going to have one of these shields like the pope has you know. I figured I had zillions [00:16:03] of husbands. You know who sex lives just went down the toilet going. Where is this son of a bitch? I want to kill him.

But you know, if you’re going to be different, you got to live with it. Not easy. It’s not easy to say, “George, you know”, the joke of course is that George himself, after a couple of weeks will realize, “this is really nice, you know, no one to complain about my farts anymore.” You know good for George. See if you going to be different, you’re gonna have to deal with the consequences, and it’s not about you saying that alright, you know, I’m gonna deal with everybody being, it’s about enjoying this. It’s about enjoying it. You know, you’re the one who’s out on the right path. You can enjoy it, you can. You know, you can enjoy the possibility that for the first time in your life that you’re really doing something for yourself that matters. I mean it is amazing to me that human beings don’t realize that the first priority in this life is yourself. Everything comes after that.

Look at all these human beings walking around who haven’t taken care of themselves. They are not taking care of anybody else. No matter what. It looks like. And you see that difference isn’t just a matter that unlike that other person who’s going through all this stuff in their head trying to figure out what to do and you’re saying no really just wait the invitation will come and they look at you like you’re mad, you know. Because they will think you are mad. I did thousands and thousands of personal [00:18:03] readings. I sat with a lot of generator women a lot of generator women and I told every single one of them, you know, if you want Prince Charming, you’re going to have to wait. You want love you’re going to have to wait for it to come to you and they would look at me with that, “Look that said you’re sick. Don’t tell me that.”

But of course, it’s true. See the moment that you’re different. Not only are you embracing a totally different journey, but you’re going to alienate forces you will. And they may be forces that in your process you have assumed are important to you. Well, that is truly something to discover. The first thing to recognize about a life that is different is that it’s a life that is different. It’s not just you that is going to be different the moment that you are different everything around you is different. This is part of what it means to carry this. But you have to be able to live with that difference and enjoy that difference.

Because you see the psychology is not there for that, the training is not there for that, the conditioning that you received all your life, is not there for that. And you see there are consequences when George says I don’t like this, you know, there are consequences. And it’s only the beginning. You know a cave person being invited to dinner at a smorgasbord, you know. Deeply insulting the guests. You have any nuts here? Please take the [00:20:03] salt off of that. Guide them. Absolutely mad. We’ve got this weird person here. And of course, the first thing you see is the embarrassment in your friends, family, whatever, you know, they get all flushed. You know, they don’t know what to do. It’s like we’re really not I’m gonna sit at another table, okay. You make me nervous.

I mean food conditioning food conditioning is the biggest cesspool we have. Restaurants, I mean there are very few beings that are served by restaurants very few. I mean they’re there. See everything about being different is about being different. It’s the journey that’s different and the journey is different because it is based on what is correct for you, first. Because the reality is if you’ve got those people that are upset with the fact that you grunt, they’re never going to be useful for you anyway, and don’t belong in your life. If they’re expecting you to initiate, if you’re expecting you to do things that are not natural for you. It’s not like you’re here to work things out with them.

To the greatest dilemma that human beings have is who’s in your aura. It doesn’t matter what kind of being you are doesn’t matter what your consciousness is and I will know this. It matters who’s in your aura because this is what it’s about. This is what our lives are about. This is what we’re here for. We are here to commune with the other. We’re here to Enlighten. The other were not here to be trapped in relationships of demands of change. [00:22:05] And you see the moment you begin to live. Your own process is the moment that you realize that there are beings around you who will never accept you. that they can’t they don’t know how.

And they’re going to do everything in their power to get you to feel bad about being different. You know, they’re going to accuse you of things. They’re going to say all kinds of things as a way of trying to deal with their own fears. We’re afraid of those that are different. That’s the not-self. The not-self is afraid of what’s different. You take any not-self village and the stranger comes to town, everybody’s uncomfortable. There’s something different in our midst. You see it’s quite something. What you represent as a possibility uniquely each and everyone of you.

See, I have no trouble identifying with the Warriors Way. You know, I’m an ego integration manifest. ER I got understand the trip. You know, it takes the warriors attentiveness. Because you see is an ongoing process. It’s not like you suddenly do experiment with your strategy and authority and you no longer have to be attentive. It’s about being present so that you can recognize what forces don’t belong in your life. [00:24:06] You see differences in just the difference of what you are. It’s the difference you make. See there is an assumption. It is very close to a vanity. That in being able to transform your own life that somehow you’re going to be able to transform those forces that don’t like or don’t accept your difference. Forget it.

They were part of your homogenization. They were co-conspirators and dumbing you down. And I don’t care what label you attached to them. I don’t. You know, I have a connection to those that are still in the not-self world. I treat them with respect. But I don’t let them in. There is no place for them in this life. See we’re so deeply vulnerable all the years that I’ve been teaching Human Design, what I’ve been teaching is conditioning have spent decades teaching conditioning. It’s all conditioning. And that conditioning that you get from the other is so incredibly profound in that other is always in their not-self that other is always trying to homogenize you. They just are.

I was reminded yesterday of great story. I lived for about a year in southern Bavaria on beautiful Lake decent and I lived around pastures farm pastures cows big house and on the drive that I would take with my son my eldest son to drive [00:26:06] him back to the house from his school. We would pass this little Bluff of you know of a hill near this farm and sitting on top of the bluff was this enormous bull, huge, huge, bull just laid out. They’re sitting up there. This was his place a huge horns. A big bull and I nicknamed him Elvis and every time we would drive by I would roll down the window and go a Elvis right and the bull would look at me like, you know another crazy human. So one day I pick up my son at school and he’s got a friend with him and I’m bringing them back to the house. Right and as we’re getting closer to the village my son whispers to me, “don’t say hello to the cow.” So, we get to where the cow is, I rolled down the window, “Hey Elvis.”

I’m watching homogenization comes from those you love. It comes from innocence. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. You know, I’m not going to stop saying hello to my favorite bull, now, you know as weird as that may be and I’m sure his friend was entertained by the madness of his friend’s father. Not his parents I assumed but nonetheless you never know.

My point in all of that is to really recognize that the conditioning to be homogenized and not to be different is everywhere. It’s everywhere. There are those people that are always going to be deeply uncomfortable with the fact that you’re different than them and you’re not following [00:28:06] the same rules. You’re not, but that’s not what we’re here for. You see last year in the Ibiza ,I think it was my closing lecture and it was about being without intent, that there is no intent in all of this. If there’s no intended all of this, you don’t have to worry about all of these people that think it’s so important for everyone to be the same. You know, this this is what our specie has become under the influence of conditioning. It’s what it’s become and of course, what we do is that we divide the not-self sameness into different categories, you know, depending on the civilization, the culture, whatever the case may be. But you know, you have billions and billions of people every day who are doing exactly the same thing as others.

You know, who are living with the same concepts they will you know the all of it. I mean it is unbelievable how programmed it is. And you see the whole thing about what we’re about is it only when we begin to have a society that is rooted in the individual are we going to survive when we get to the next cycle. Because the door is closing on all this, oh, let’s do it together stuff and be the same. And you have to understand that your homogenization into not being different began from the beginning. You are the only difference that you really get to see is generational. You know one generation different than the next, you know, so, you know, I was part of the 60s generation. We looked we were different from our parents, but we were the same in relationship to each other. Jesus, we all had dirty hair and jeans, it was the same movie. Smoke the same drugs, you know, it was the same movie fought against the same [00:30:06] bad things, you know, saw the same good things.

You’re often, would hold or bite my tongue is the saying goes, you know, when people would talk about how we all need to get together, you know, the world is going to be a better place. All that stuff. This is not what we’re about. I mean it isn’t. See everything about our development is that the program is rooted in control – doesn’t speak well for us. It’s rooted in control human beings are deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply, controlled. And they’re going off the edge. They’re like the Lemmings, you know, this is where they’re going.

See, the only thing that you can do is break out of it and stand alone and deal with it. You know this thing about you know, I’m always stuck with two things. On one side Human Design, you know for the average being who manages to come into contact with it that experimenting with your strategy and authority is going to make a difference could make your life easier. I’m going to make certain things less of a burden for you. That’s a wonderful thing. You know, but if you really want to live out your purpose the potential of it, you have to fully Embrace difference regardless of the consequences. I mean regardless of the consequences. You know those consequences are always going to be social always. [00:32:06] And you see if you cannot embrace that you’re never going to get to the other side of it.

I mean the great joke in my life is that when I was not-self I had no one in my life, you know, and now I’ve got this circus. You never know what’s going to happen. I mean it is something to understand about what it means to live. Your difference is that you get to see what that is about. And it isn’t about what you think. The program has it isn’t about being able to say do seven years and this is what you’re going to be. It isn’t. There’s no control over any of that because it’s entirely unique. It is entirety rooted in your potential to be different. See that’s where the magic is. It is an enlightened selfishness. And enlightened selfishness says I am here, correct if you want to be here. You have to accept me and accept me as I am. It takes great courage. to do that most human beings based on their design will bend this way or that way. That they will give up their uniqueness and their unique authority to others under pressure. The mind will say to you, you cannot be like this. You’re going to lose everyone. You’re going to lose this. You’re not going to get that job. Whatever the case may be.

This is a way of life. Either live it or you don’t live it. It’s a journey you either [00:34:06] take the journey or you dumped there’s no middle ground here. There’s no middle way. You know, I’m not a Buddha fan. There’s no middle way, you either are fully there in the journey as yourself or not. And that has to be the priority there cannot be any other priority. You know so many beings who come into human design see an opportunity to be of service. It’s very nice. I understand that. But you can only be a service when you are a messenger. And you’re only a messenger when you’re deeply a part of this journey. I mean one of the things that I think is evident to anyone who has participated in this event. You know is the recognition of what happens to beings when they get into this journey, and where that journey can lead them. I mean the teachers that are here at this event and I want to thank all of them for participating you I’ve been part of this process for a very long time. I’ve been training teachers forever. When you watch human beings who have really entered into this process who are dedicated to this process, their journey is what is their education, and their journey is what enriches their outer authority. There’s this extraordinary display of outer authority that’s been here during this event.

Everybody has to realize that what we’re involved with is something that is truly different on this plane. There is nothing like this. There is nothing that is here truly to embrace. What is the potential of each being, with no standards, with no comparison, with no measurement. See most people that get into a process, it’s like, you know, you look at any [00:36:06] of these, you know religions or whatever. They all want to get to the same place. I mean they all want to get to the same place. Like you’re going to school and you’re going to graduate you’re all going to get the same certificate. We don’t go to the same place. We don’t. And until we start seeing the true diversity, we have failed in terms of what evolution has given us. The 30th gate screams for diversity. It says this is what existence is about. Give us this vast diversity so that we have this enormous palette upon which we can experience what it is to be informed.

I mean this magic that awaits those that live their difference, and it’s not a magic that’s based on somewhere down the road. You know, there’s this. Down the road. There’s just an older you. But it’s you. I mean, it’s you. You know the deepest part of my heresy, is that I reject all authority. That’s at the very basis of what I am as a being. There is nothing that has authority over me. Nothing that I consciously accept as authority over me. I am ready to engage with anything. And in fact, those that may suggest something or this or that or whatever the case may be, may in fact be something that I may embrace based on my own authority, but I live by my own authority. This is what we’re here for. [00:38:06] Until you understand that there is nothing for you to bow to is the only chance you’re ever going to have to be able to do that to yourself. To be able to bow down to the magic that you’ve been given this incredible form. This potential of this form to just do its thing. For you to be able to take this journey of the witness. We passengers to see the full potential, the full beauty, and at the same time to be able to express your essential value and truth to the other out of difference.

You know, what happens to us? Is that moment did you begin to embrace difference. It is so easy to embrace others who embrace difference. I mean, that’s something that’s so special. You know each and every one of us understand that we all have this and that we all have our limitations. We’re all different good. So, you don’t expect everyone to be what you would you know, think they all should be at the same time. Lumping everything together. The expectation the projections all of that.

I remember my first time in New Mexico teaching. I got picked up by the airport by a couple of people in white. I think they had gotten the wrong impression right from the beginning. And we’re driving along the highway and one of them turns around says to me are you hungry? And I said, yeah pull up to the McDonald’s. I dragged them into McDonald’s. I made them sit there and watch me eat a cheeseburger. And then when we got into their car [00:40:06] I lit up a joint, when we got to where we were supposed to go to, they got out of the car and said we’re not going to be participating. I said thanks for the ride.

You know difference and don’t think that it’s just the bad the bad ones that try to you know, homogenize you. I mean the spiritual path is filled with homogenizing agents of enormous power. You know, they’re all trying to manipulate you into doing things their way. You see even the innocence of a child, that there are these forces that are everywhere in your life that say to you, you cannot be different. It’s only then do you realize how special it is to be different. How wonderful it is to live your process. What is after all a transcendent life? You just being beyond it. It’s not being of it. It is being the passenger, the witness. It is the freedom that comes that in uniqueness and in unique authority that operates out of your vehicle, that truly you can sit back and watch this unique mechanism as it unfolds on this plane.

It’s your gift after all temporary. Is it maybe? To take advantage of this ride. Of the zillions and zillions and zillions of crystals of consciousness, a very, very, very tiny number of them incarnate. [00:42:08] This is a real privilege to be here in one of these boxes. And you see most don’t get that.

What horrifies me about religions is that the greatest promise of religions is what happens to you after you’re dead. Talk about great salesmanship. You know. I know what happens to you when you’re dead. Nothing. You go into the hum. You know, you take the software out of the hardware and nothing’s going on. It’s here. It’s in this life, now, not tomorrow, not at the end of the journey, not some promise of something that is going to be so terrific. I never got that anyway of heaven was so terrific, why don’t they let in dogs? No, I really, it’s in the New Testament dogs aren’t allowed in heaven. I find that really offensive. I like dogs what’s wrong with dogs in heaven? I mean all these stories are nonsense. All these promises about oh, yeah life’s a bitch and it’s going to be hard and you’re going to suffer, and your children are going to die and all of that, but hey, you’ll meet them later in the promised land, you know. Blow yourself up and we’ll give you all these virgins, you know, all this stuff. It’s nonsense. Yet the not-self takes all of that really seriously they do. Show me a fundamentalist with the sense of humor. Really just one, you know. There’s no sense of humor. And you better not be different. I mean all of the religions, none [00:44:08] of them allow anybody from another religion to get the rewards of God. You ever noticed that? I mean what’s going on here, you know?

You better be the same as us because our God’s better than your God. We’re going to win you go to heaven with our God, you know. And you see this isn’t everything. It’s the way businesses are run. You got to do it this way. Everybody’s got to do it this way. See, we don’t know what it’s like to live on a plane where individuals are exalted. I mean, when you think about our entire evolution, you know this this is why it’s so difficult. It’s why it’s such an incredible challenge at this time. This is the first opportunity that humans had been equipped enough intelligent enough literally to be able to stand on their own and survive. And that’s never been the case. And all of that is laying the foundation for what’s coming in 2027 when we get out of this cross a planning cycle and we get into real selfishness. You know, this is our glory. It may be difficult. But truly you did something to grasp. This is what we’re here for. This is the chance that we have at the end of this vast, vast, program to really be able to fulfill the potential that’s there. And that potential is fulfilled by any being that operates out of their own authority because this is what it’s about. You don’t need anything else. You don’t. If you operate out of your own authority, you get your life, whatever that may be and, in the end, [00:46:08] we all benefit from it. You know, this is a consciousness field that is so deeply limited now it’s frightening how limited it is. We are missing the spark of unique awareness. We truly are most of what goes on out there is just nonsense. It’s crap. It is not about the truth. It is not about allowing human beings really to fulfill what is possible for them.

And you see this is the greatest thing about what we are and what we can accomplish, is to be examples of uniqueness. You know to show that you can, by your own authority, live in a way that’s totally, totally, free of the things that disturb and manipulate the not-self world around you. The knowledge is a great gift. It says if you follow your strategy and authority you will be okay. Which means you have a chance to do what you’re here for. To be able to develop your awareness. This is our most significant gift, talent. We’re cognitive creatures were here to be deeply aware. Awareness is not something that comes with a mind that is disturbed, and awareness cannot thrive in a homogenized vehicle. It cannot. It just becomes ordinary not-self intelligence. Sounds good but doesn’t carry anything.  See, we’re special beings your special beings and all it takes is to live here [00:48:08] it live it live your difference. Celebrate your difference. Don’t let anything move you from it. And in that, you know, you get to set the foundation as role models for what’s possible for human beings.

So that we don’t have to be trapped in lost, that we don’t have to struggle on this plane, that that is not what our purpose is. We’re extraordinary beings we are visitors and we have been given great space suits. So, let’s enjoy them. Live them out as uniquely as we can. And be able to share the magic. You know, what it means for each and every one of you to be able to share your outer authority and to enrich the lives of those that you will meet. It’s out of difference and of living the difference, out of living the journey, that everything ultimately can be changed. One step at a time. That deep dedication to the fulfillment of self. See there is no, I can’t make you do it. You know, I’d love to I’d love to be able to wave a magic wand and make it easy for human beings to simply surrender to themselves. It’s always been the tragedy for me to see that such incredibly potential in beings is so crippled by the fears and the controls of homogenization. This knowledge is deeply liberating. But it’s only liberating truly, if you live it. It’s living it not living it for some reason but living it because this is what is right [00:50:08] and correct for you out of that. Everything comes.

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