Mark Roach rose from the Ozarks to succeed in academics, athletics, in business and leadership, went on the explore artistic pursuits in film, media and literature as an actor, writer, director and producer.

Most notable to others, Mark as a real-life high stakes entrepreneur, originated and led large groups of experts in law, business and science to raise more than 1.3 billion dollars in 2010-12 to realize his vision, leadership and execute from his founder skill set, starting two oil companies. In 2000-08, Mark created financial services platforms with people and technology from which more than 10 billion dollars of MA&D transactions were executed.  In the 1990’s, Mark advised large oil companies around the world in engineering, in corporate planning and futuristic studies using massive data sets and leading edge computer modeling with many of the brightest drawn into this highly competitive field.

Mark has raised three children of his own thru challenging circumstances, coached hundreds of youngsters in athletics and played an integral extended role in raising five children with their two mothers and family systems.

Mark’s a charismatic leader, athlete, engineer and film actor, as well as survivor of multiple childhood traumas. He recovered from the imprints that re-occur later in life reflected in one’s identity, self-expression, finances and relationships and spiritual life.  He’s an expert in personal evolution especially in dealing with adversity posed by abuses of traditional social practices and cults. Mark is a seasoned pro in working with individuals and organizations to find clarity in the fundamentals operating in the circumstances and systems they appear to encounter.

In 2014, Mark left business in Houston, Texas, to pursue independent films, to further his exploration of human behavior and art in Austin.  Mark acts, writes, directs and produces independent film and media projects while continuing to advise startups and philanthropy. Mark blends a deep understanding of business, human behavior and financial insight, blending a powerfully unique viewpoint and humility to impact and help others improve their lives, achieve financial and personal freedom.

Contact Mark at Mark@RoachCreative.com to open a discussion of your personal, organizational or film project needs and how Mark could assist in achieving your objectives.

Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency (SAG Franchised) in Houston represents Mark in fully developed film/tv/advertising projects.